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Category Archive: Marriage

Dec 30

Winter Wonderland Date Ideas

Wintertime is just around the corner and it’s time to think about winter date ideas. I’m not a fan of being cold, so I am including some indoor winter date ideas. A wintertime date can be so much fun. While I prefer to stay inside avoiding the cold, I do try to go out and …

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Dec 23

10 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Hubby

While I am what some would call an over the top planner, even I struggle with what gift(s) to get my hubby for Christmas. My son and I were brainstorming the other day over ideas of what to get him, and we came up with very little. I looked at my son and told him …

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Dec 16

Priced Far Above Rubies

What exactly does it mean for a wife to be “priced far above rubies”? How do you know what it takes to fit this criteria? How do you pursue being “priced far above rubies”? This phrase comes from a passage in the Bible that women are either drawn towards or it’s a passage they avoid. …

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Dec 09

Printable Stocking Gifts for Your Husband

My husband’s stocking I strive to fill with love notes, coupons and treasures that I know he needs and/or shows my love for him. After all Christmas is about love, the greatest gift, is it not? Earlier this year I took some time to create some items that you can use to tuck in your …

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Nov 25

Thankful Printables

Today’s post originally was going to contain a printable for showing our thankfulness for our husbands, which goes along with my Marriage Monday theme. Once I got started I realized it was something I needed to include the rest of our immediate families in as well. So I hope you’ll understand why I’ve gone off …

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Nov 18

Marriage Without Jesus

When we are busy planning our wedding, usually the last thing we think of is the difficulties that are going to catch up with us somewhere along the way. The disagreements we’ll have with our husbands, the things that will eventually drive us crazy, the hard times that will make us wonder what we were …

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Nov 11

Fun Fall Dates

Dates are very important early in a couple’s relationship, but it seems to die off after awhile. I believe that this is the place where couples begin to pull apart. It may be unnoticeable and subtle at first, but over time it will become more evident. I love going on dates, and each season provides …

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Oct 28

Grace Filled Marriage

As Christians when we think of grace, we think of God’s amazing grace. As parents, we strive to utilize God’s grace when our kiddos have disobeyed or been difficult again. In marriage, it is hard to think about grace sometimes. Both the husband and wife are adults and should be able to conduct themselves as …

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Oct 21

Manage Your Home, Not Your Husband

In order to manage a home you must take the time to organize and remain determined. There are many ways to manage and organize, but most mom’s work in similar ways. As moms we tend to make charts, check boxes, complete to do lists, etc. Babysitters receive lists of dos and don’ts, nursery workers know …

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Oct 14

Caring for Your “king’s” Castle

Do you remember the saying I shared in the first “king” post? “A man’s home is his castle”? Well today we are going to tackle the topic of caring for our “king’s” castle. This is an area of both great importance and often a cause of feeling a failure for many women. I pray that …

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