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May 11

Prayer Changes Things

Misty’s heart must be connected to God’s lips because this topic has been on my heart. I’ll be honest. My prayer life sucks. I do it, when I can fit it in. I have the full intention of doing it regularly, only for the day to be over, and I try to pray before bed… …

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May 10

Number One Mama Tool

Marissa’s great post on a mama’s number one tool has been relocated to Marriage Motherhood and Missions, our new contributor blog. We hope you’ll be blessed when you stop by to read this post.   Prayer.   Mamas, this is a tool that you need to use daily. From the moment you find out you …

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May 09

Every Ministry Needs Prayer

This year I’ve felt the Lord asking me to spend more time building a relationship with Him, through prayer. Often I find myself praying only during devotions, while cleaning and at my kiddos bedtime. As I’ve been striving to grow my prayer life, I’ve come to realize that all my ministries require prayer. My lil …

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May 07

Developing a Thriving Prayer Relationship

As a work-at-home mom in the ministry, I find that my prayer life often becomes reduced to a list of bullet points.   Have you ever been there?  You get up early so you can squeak in a half-hour with the Lord before the those little bodies with hurricane-like energy wake up and hijack your …

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May 06

The Missing Ingredient

So, there is a story in the annals of the Barefoot Hippie Girl about the occasion I made brownies without eggs. (Which should be differentiated from the time I made brownies without sugar. Brownies and I didn’t have a good relationship for a while there.) These brownies were a nice, rich, chocolaty brown, flat rock. After …

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May 05

Prayer Card Box

We’ve probably all had times in our lives when someone has shared a situation or asked for prayer and we’ve said, “I’ll be praying for you!”  We had good intentions but life got in the way and we never did remember to pray.   A lot of times, I’ll be going about the daily homemaking …

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