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May 11

Prayer Changes Things

Misty’s heart must be connected to God’s lips because this topic has been on my heart.

I’ll be honest. My prayer life sucks. I do it, when I can fit it in. I have the full intention of doing it regularly, only for the day to be over, and I try to pray before bed… and fall asleep.

But this month has been different. Prayer has been the only thing that has gotten me through.

My family (mom, dad (who’s now deceased), brother and sister are not connected. We aren’t spiritually or emotionally connected. We are all on different levels in our study and our lives. Each of us has different interpretations of even the simplest verses. How can this be? I can only attribute it to stubbornness. I’m the only one to admit that I’ve made mistakes, taken wrong turns and try to make amends. Everyone else stops at the apology.

Why does this all matter? Because last month, my brother went jail. He’s young and he’s there out of stupidity more than actually doing something wrong. He got a ticket, and failed to show up for the court date.

But he’s being held for his ideals… he doesn’t believe he should have to have a driver’s license, a residence, or a job. He believes this, based on his understanding of the bible. He believes that Jesus didn’t, so he doesn’t. He also believes that the court his treating him like a homeless man, but he doesn’t seem to understand that all they see is a homeless man because he’s tried so hard to create this persona. So, what does bailing him out do? Where does he go?

How does this affect my prayer life? I’m the only person in the family that’s basically non-transitional. I am a wife, mother of 2, whose husband steadily works at a good job. Therefore, I should take care it. I can’t afford to and quite frankly, I don’t want to.

I’ve been praying for strength and wisdom – daily. I’ve been praying for understanding and clarity – daily. I’ve been praying for guidance, Christians who can guide me in the right direction in order to make the right choices.

God sent me people who gave me prayers to strengthen myself…and how to pray for others. I’ve realized that prayer requires specificity. I’ve realized that taking that time in the morning, before the day gets underway is the best time… even when I don’t want to.

Because prayer changes things.

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