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A Mother's Day in Poverty - Simply Helping Him: Marriage Experience from a Help Meet



May 12

A Mother’s Day in Poverty

According to the Calender, today is supposed to be about and/or focused on me…..maybe you to….

It’s Mother’s Day….

The day we’re supposed to be showered with love, attention, given a day off, gifts, flowers, etc.

But……..I’m going to ask you to give me something today…..

Give me a few minutes of your day?


As a Compassion Blogger and proud sponsor of Marjorie, I ask you to think about life as her mother…..

Life as a mother in extreme poverty…..


Our difficulties are relatively easily met with a solution.

If our child is hungry we open a cupboard door to various snacks packaged neatly waiting to be eaten.

Should our child have a fever, the relief is inside another cupboard.

Doctors, food, and clean water all are within our grasp.


This is not their story. 


From dirty water, dirt floors and hungry bellies, to diseases gripping their children…..

This is their story. 

Knowing that they can’t give everything their children need, yet doing everything physically possible.


We always see the children on TV & online, but put yourself in her place today.


How would you handle your child constantly crying hunger?

How would you fight the disease that won’t go away?

All while hungry yourself and broken with exhaustion?


I am very emotional, just the thought of these two questions breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. As a mother we all want to fix things that are broken, especially our children.


The days I view as difficult grow so very pale in comparison to a mother’s day in poverty.


This Mother’s Day I pray you will breathe a prayer for mothers in poverty all over the world. Pray that God would hold them closer, strengthen them more, and bless them above and beyond what they can imagine TODAY!


Make a difference in a mother AND a child’s life today…..give her a Mother’s Day gift too…..Sponsor her child….or give through the Child Survival Program


Sponsor a Child in Peru

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