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Dec 13

Christian Charities for Christmastime with Link Up

As Christmas is drawing near I wanted to share some of my favorite Christian charities with you. Christmastime is a wonderful time to seek the Lord’s direction as to whom He would have us to bless at this special time of the year. Each year our family adds one more charity to our list of …

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Sep 21

Look Into My Eyes

 Look into my eyes…What do you see Take a moment and think about where I come from All that I’ve been taught since I was a little girl Everything that I’ve known to be “truth”   Differences keep most from welcoming me Could  you look beyond my outside appearance To reach my heart tucked away …

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Sep 14


Strength is not found in human form. You can’t manufacture it within the walls of your gymnasium. You can’t create it by building walls around your heart. Strength comes from on high. It is yours to have, it’s promised to us in God’s Word. (2 Cor. 12:9) You must learn to grasp it, before you …

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Sep 07

Dear Little Girl

   Slow down little one. Enjoy being a little girl. Take time to pick daisies, have tea parties, dance with your daddy, cook with your mommy and love every minute that each day life brings you.    Friends are hard to come by little girl. Girl friends even harder. Find the ones that don’t create drama, …

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Aug 15

Hearts at Home Meets Compassion

As a Hearts at Home bloggers, we take every 3rd Thursday to write on one particular topic throughout the blogging world. This month we are taking time to highlight one of my favorite ministries, Compassion; which I am also blessed to be a voice for! Combining these two was a wonderful idea this month, as …

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Jul 04

A Mission Minded Heart

This Help Meet Corner series is so close to my heart!! So here’s a peek into where my heart is directed right now and looking forward into the future. Recently I shared how I planned to have my children more involved in missions this year. The plans haven’t changed, but I’m already planning more for next …

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Jun 21

Compassion: Mission Nicaragua

I was born an MK……I think I will always think of myself as an MK. I look at pictures and read the words of the bloggers in Nicaragua with Compassion right now, and my heart yearns to be with them. To speak words of hope and a future, of love and forgiveness to those that …

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May 29

Ministry May Finale with Link Up

This month I took some time to share ministries that God has led me to, where I find myself and my family serving. It has been such a blessing to my heart watching my children learn to reach out beyond what they can see, yet knowing that God will do amazing things with their gifts. …

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May 12

A Mother’s Day in Poverty

According to the Calender, today is supposed to be about and/or focused on me…..maybe you to…. It’s Mother’s Day…. The day we’re supposed to be showered with love, attention, given a day off, gifts, flowers, etc. But……..I’m going to ask you to give me something today….. Give me a few minutes of your day?   …

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Dec 07

It’s About Giving

The last few weeks, as I have been going through blog corners, doing work on the Internet, etc. I have seen Christmas posts everywhere.  Yet, I have not been at peace with any of these topics, nor have I felt God whisper that I am to share ideas on crafting, decorating, etc.   This is …

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