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Jul 09

Are We Commissioned Missionaries?

Throughout the years, our kids have had the opportunity to hear missionaries share their vision and experiences and it’s always gotten them excited.  It would be thrilling to take a missions trip to an unknown place and experience new things while sharing the gospel with others.  Practically though, it’s not a super feasible thing for …

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Jul 04

A Mission Minded Heart

This Help Meet Corner series is so close to my heart!! So here’s a peek into where my heart is directed right now and looking forward into the future. Recently I shared how I planned to have my children more involved in missions this year. The plans haven’t changed, but I’m already planning more for next …

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Jul 03

How to Go On a Summer Trip Without Ever Leaving Your House with Wisdom Wednesday Link Up

If you’d like to read this inspiring post, please stop by our new blog, Marriage Motherhood and Missions here to read it.   Your mission field is your neighborhood; the harvest field consists of those you come in contact with everyday.   Your Hosts                       …

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Jul 02

A Perspective on Serving

Before I became a mom, for that matter before I got married, I enjoyed going out into the community and serving.  I spent years serving in my local children’s hospital, every Saturday morning, I would go in and rock the babies who parents couldn’t be there. It felt good to help, I didn’t mind having to give …

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Jul 01

Families & Missions: Operation G-Force

When I read this month’s topic for Misty’s blog, Families and Missions, I was rather excited. If you have been reading the Barefoot Hippie Girl for any length of time, you know we spent a month on a “mission” trip earlier this year. (here, here, and here) It rocked our world. Missions have always been …

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