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Sep 02

Dear Wife: Letters from a Help Meet

Today I’m excited to launch my 2nd eBook, “Dear Wife: Letters from a Help Meet“. How These Letters Came About   What began as a series here on my blog, turned with God’s direction to the eBook here today. Every letter within the pages are written from my heart, I’ve felt every emotion (and more) …

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Aug 26

Dear Wife ~ New eBook Coming!

If you’ve felt connected to any of the “Dear Wife” letters that I wrote over the summer, I pray you’ll be blessed by the eBook which will be coming out the 1st of September. This new book will include all of the previously posted letters and many more! As women we tend to get tied …

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Jul 08

Dear Wife Who Feels Unattractive

We’ve traded our heels and skirts, for sneakers and jeans, and our styled hair for ponytails. Where once we spent an hour getting ready for our day, we’re lucky to have 10 quiet minutes to shower and shave. Manicured nails are a thing of the past, we don’t have time for things that don’t last. …

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Jun 24

Dear Wife Who Lives Exhausted

Each day you wake and coffee calls your name….. You race through your days, fulfilling each request you receive, and all your required duties… Breakfast, School, Laundry, Housekeeping, Lunch, Sports, and Dinner all await you……with lots more thrown in between…. From sunrise to sunset, your hands and feet are put to the test…. Can you …

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Jun 17

Dear Wife Who Feels Unloved

Feeling Unloved?   Throughout the last 10 years, I have been in both of these places……more times than I care to admit….   “Stage 1” The days seem longer than you’ve ever imagined they could be…. Gone are the dreams you one had…..for after all they were based on Hollywood glamour, their perfectly flawless and …

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May 27

Dear Wife Who Feels Alone

Oh how I wish I could sit and listen….. Hear each and every word you had to say …. Just so you wouldn’t feel…….wouldn’t be alone…..   I wish I could hold you while the tears fall down your face when words aren’t enough….. Just being there so you wouldn’t feel……wouldn’t be alone…..   I …

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