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Dec 26

Checklist for After Christmas with Link Up

After Christmas there is always so much to do, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. I know I do well having a checklist to keep me on track, so I decided that I would create one for after Christmas clean up! Today I’m sharing it with you, so it will hopefully help you be more …

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Dec 19

X is for Xmas with Link Up

Today I am tackling why I don’t like the current common term “Xmas”. Over at Heather’s corner as part of her Homeschooling through the Holidays A-Z series. As Christians we are called to teach our children throughout all we do (Deut. 6:7-9), and at Christmas we must teach our children that Christ is to be …

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Dec 19

Printable Christmas Cards with Hearts for Home Link Up

Christmas wishes come around every year. Some of them are kept deep within our hearts, others we pray, and kiddos often give their Christmas wish list to their parents hoping for some of them on Christmas Day. An old custom seems to be dying more and more each year. With everything digitalized and online, Christmas …

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Dec 05

Dreams and Goals for 2014 with Link Up

Dreams…..we all have them. Some of these dreams come to fruition and others will live only in our minds. They push us forward, keeping us moving toward something new and exciting. This year my dream was to have a group of bloggers who shared my heart for marriage and the home, and create a team …

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Nov 28

An Advent Study Review ~ Celebrate Jesus: Light of the World with Link Up

Last year was that the first time that we observed Advent in our family. While I loved the study we used, it was a bit over my kids heads and they don’t remember it when asked about it. So, I went looking for a new Advent study earlier this month and I’m thrilled to share …

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Nov 14

The Kingdom Chronicles Reviews with Link Up

Last week I was able to take part in one of my favorite past times, while actually “blogging” in a round about way. I read two books in 4 days! I was excited when I came across a launch team request for a pair of scientific fiction books, likened to the Left Behind Series. Instantly …

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Nov 07

Traditions: Christmas Book List for Kids with Link Up

Our family has a few different Christmas family traditions as I’m sure your family does too. Our traditions range from the Christmas Day menu and who hands out presents, to Christmas readings and more. One of our favorite Christmas traditions is our Christmas Day readings. We start off Christmas morning by reading the Christmas Story. …

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Oct 31

A Prayer Journal for the Homeschooling Mom

One of the things non-homeschool moms say to me is, “I don’t know how you do it. We would kill each other if we were around each other 24/7.” My exact response varies, but is typically something along the lines of; “I didn’t think I could do it either, but I know it’s what is …

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Oct 24

Planning Pack for Kids {A Review} with Hearts for Home Link Up

Recently I reviewed my friend, The Multi Taskin’ Mom’s “The Complete Blog Planner” and I revealed my love for planning. When she let me know about her newest printable pack, I knew I wanted to get a copy and review it too! The November Planning Pack for Children is full of planning pages, fun blessing …

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Oct 17

Healthy, Frugal Eating with Hearts for Home Link Up

Growing up my mom was a wonderful example of a frugal shopper; from clipping coupons, to shopping the sales, to skipping on things that we would have liked, but didn’t need. While I don’t clip coupons, I do try to implement shopping frugally, in ways like my mother did and a few other ways as …

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