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An Advent Study Review ~ Celebrate Jesus: Light of the World with Link Up - Simply Helping Him: Marriage Experience from a Help Meet



Nov 28

An Advent Study Review ~ Celebrate Jesus: Light of the World with Link Up

Last year was that the first time that we observed Advent in our family. While I loved the study we used, it was a bit over my kids heads and they don’t remember it when asked about it. So, I went looking for a new Advent study earlier this month and I’m thrilled to share with you today the one that we’ll be using this year.

Celebrate Jesus: An exciting Advent Journey for families.

Celebrate Jesus: Light of the World, is a complete Advent study package. You won’t need to look for any craft, penmanship or activity ideas separately. Everything you’ll need (except for the craft or food supplies) is included in Celebrate Jesus.

As an over zealous planner I greatly appreciate the attention to detail shown throughout this study. The author’s passion for the observation of Advent by families is evident throughout it. Nothing has been left out. From the daily Bible reading selections, focused family questions, to crafts, daily Christmas praise songs, to the traditional Advent candle lighting as well.

I don’t want to give it all away, but I am going to share some of my favorite pages and concepts from the study.

  • The blank planning page is a great asset to the busy mom who wants to jot down what she needs to get and/or do prior to the beginning Advent.
  • A master list of my dreams is my favorite resource. The list of items you’ll need is laid out by day. So you won’t buy things you don’t need and of course you don’t have to make your own supply list. Since the list is broken up by day, if you choose not to do a particular craft or activity you simply don’t purchase the items from that day’s supply list.
  • The community involvement ideas are a great addition to this study. Live nativity attendance, caroling and baking for neighbors are just a few of the options given for family activities.

Added bonuses include; penmanship sheets focused on Advent each including fun graphics, the author’s shares her family baking memories which you can use with some of their favorite recipes, and there are a few other surprises you’ll find inside this amazing study.

I’m very excited to use this Advent study with my 3rd and 5th graders this year!

Thank you Amy, for allowing me the opportunity to review, “Celebrate Jesus: Light of the World“,

Celebrate Jesus: A Fun resource for every day of Advent



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