Nov 27

Reflection 2013: Family with Wisdom Wednesday

Family is very important to me. Growing up all I had was my immediate family, my mom, dad and two little brothers. Being a Navy Brat meant we didn’t live close by extended family and moving a lot meant keeping friends wasn’t the easiest thing to do.

Marrying a man who has lived most of his life within a 25 mile radius has been quite a change for me. I’m still far away from home and none of my immediate family lives here. So I find myself in a similar situation that my mom once was in. Raising children away from home and extended family. I don’t know how she did it with my dad gone on top of that. She is a much stronger woman than I.

Thinking about the last 10 months I find myself questioning where I spent my time, what I missed with my children, what projects could I have completed to help my husband more. These are hard things that I must think about and decide where to go from here.


Time with My Children

I know that all too often I have told them to wait a few times too many, sat on the couch visited Pinterest on my iPhone instead of WATCHING a movie with them, stayed inside on the computer instead of going outside to watch them dig a 4′ hole, asked them to be quieter when they were simply playing together as children do, etc…..

My favorite times with my children are when we are playing games, snuggling reading together or watching a movie together. Yet, those times are not happening as frequently as they must. Tonight I noticed that my 10 yr old is now up to my chin in height. When did that happen?

Time Altogether as a Family

Time with all 5 of us together has become few and far between. A young man in his Freshman year at college and loving time with his friends keeps our family activities down to 4 lately. Recently though all 5 of us were home, and the kids were spending time with dad playing Xbox. It was something that was really nice to see and I enjoyed listening to them play together. Sigh. While I was on the computer, my reasoning was that I don’t like video games and I don’t think they’re good for you. Yes, that is the truth all 5 of us at home or not, but it is a moment that I regret not partaking in.

Dinnertime is truly a special time for families to come together and talk about their days, and it doesn’t happen much like that at our house. My husband often comes home tired, I’m feeling the same after a day with the kids, school and the baby. So typically the kids eat at the bar in the kitchen and hubby on the couch. My location changes from time to time, whether it be with the kiddos, hubby or at the computer desk.

I’m truly missing out on important time with my family. I’ve known it in the back of my head for awhile, but have just ignored it. I can’t ignore it any longer. How thankful I am for a time of reflection.

Family Time Changes Coming

Reflecting always makes you face the choices you’ve actually made vs. the ones you planned or wanted to make. Once you see what you have done with your time and the choices along the way, you must decide whether you are going to keep on the way things are or if you are going to make changes.

I’ve decided and KNOW that I need to make changes.

My family is my most important ministry. Though I love to write, and I know God has directed me to this ministry, it must not be above my family. Before I know it my children will be grown and I will be left with only my memories. Memories that I want to cherish not regret. I have enough of those already.


Today is Wisdom Wednesday and I hope you’ll stop for a bit.

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  1. Judith at WholeHearted Home

    Misty, I understand where you are coming from. I quit two websites I had, monitoring a homeschool internet board (back when that was on the cutting edge, lol) and quit being a support group leader so I could be involved in my children’s lives without regrets. I still have regrets as it seems that is part of being a fallen human. You are making a wise choice. Love you!!
    Judith at WholeHearted Home recently posted..Unwrapping HopeMy Profile

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Yes it does seem that regrets come no matter how diligent we are with our time and choices. It makes me even more thankful for grace. Thank you for being such a wonderful encouragement to my heart! Hugs and love! <3

  2. Amy Jung

    The wise reflect and make changes! You are wise! Blessings as you consider how to incorporate change…Have a great Thanksgiving…
    Amy Jung recently posted..Becoming FleshMy Profile

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      I’m far from wise, but I’m striving toward the mark placed before me. Blessings hun!

  3. Mary Geisen

    Great points today! Truly cherishing family is what it’s all about. I have two grown sons and due to life circumstances in the last eight years we work hard to create memories. Even though it’s not on a daily basis since they do not live at home our time together is a gift and we try hard to treat it as such. Praying for all today that our focus is on God who cherishes family and spending time together. Thanksgiving blessings to you!

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Amen! Our Thanksgiving was wonderfully relaxed and enjoyed! I took some much needed time off from the blogging/internet world and relished our family time. I pray that you made wonderful memories over the holiday! Blessings hun!

  4. Shari Lynne @ Faith Filled Food for Moms

    Awww good for you to reflect and make change! You are very blessed with your children and family 🙂 Have a very blessed Thanksgiving <3
    Shari Lynne @ Faith Filled Food for Moms recently posted..Wonderful Wednesday Linky Party #3My Profile

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Reflecting is the only way I can see where I’ve come from and where I still need to go. I’m a planner and this helps me plan! 🙂 I hope your Thanksgiving was blessed! <3

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