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Imperfectly Perfect

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Feb 09

An Upcoming Perfectly Imperfect Conference!

Hearts at Home encourages moms to embrace imperfection! You always knew you would be the perfect mom. Then you had children. Now that you know more, it’s probably safe to say that most days haven’t turn out like you imagined. We’ve all been there. When life doesn’t measure up to our expectations, it’s easy to …

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Feb 08

Imperfectly Perfect Series Finale

Throughout this week I’ve shared glimpses of my imperfect life; as a woman, in my marriage, as a help meet and a mother.   Amidst all of this it would be easy to be depressed and frustrated. Yet there is a truth I’ve come to know and fully accept.   God states in His word …

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Feb 07

A Help Meet’s Imperfection

If you’ve looked around my lil corner here at all, you’ll see my true passion is on one topic alone….   Being a help meet to my husband.    This is who I am, it is what I was created for, it is my God given calling.   News Flash……   I’m not a perfect …

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Feb 06

No Perfect Mom Found Here

Patience is not my strong suit….. and I could blame my raised voice issues on a past relationship, but that was over a decade ago, so I take ownership now….   Being a mom was all I ever wanted to be. Growing up, I knew I didn’t want a career, so I didn’t need to …

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Feb 05

My Childhood Dream Shattered

In my childhood dreams, I watched my marriage play out beautifully. Laughter, devotions, alone time together, kisses and cuddles all abounded. Conflict and differences were seen, but didn’t need to be addressed. We were perfect together, our differences didn’t cause issues.   In my life…………..boy do I see things otherwise. Opposite personalities, different upbringings, age …

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Feb 04

A Not So Perfect Giveaway!

Throughout this week, I will be writing to you through a few major imperfect parts of my life. Today I kicked off my “Imperfectly Perfect” Series with a post on being an imperfect woman.   I truly believe that the only way we will change this world for Christ is by being real, not hiding …

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Feb 04

I’m Not Perfect?!?!

As a teenager I never wanted for attention from boys. I rarely got along with girls, so I grew up hanging out and quickly learned to like boys. As a young adult, I worked in a mostly male atmosphere, and didn’t lack attention there either.   In those days, (and now when I do it …

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