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Affiliate Terms and Conditions - Simply Helping Him: Marriage Experience from a Help Meet

Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Disclosures on Becoming a Simply Helping Him Affiliate…

As with any program, there is always fine print.  Here is the fine print of becoming a Simply Helping Him Affiliate…

•The term ‘affiliate’ shall be used to represent ‘Simply Helping Him Affiliate’ and/or ‘Simply Helping Him’s Affiliate Program’.

•The term ‘site’ shall be used to represent the Simply Helping Him website.

•As an affiliate, you agree to all terms, conditions, and use restrictions as listed HERE

•As an affiliate, you understand that commissions are based on a calendar month period.  Commission payments will be sent out within five (5) banking days of the last calendar day of the month (weekends and US holidays excepted) via your affiliate account Paypal information.

•As an affiliate, you understand that you are solely responsible for any tax liability incurred by your participation in the affiliate program and that you agree to ‘hold harmless’ the site for any financial implications from your participation in the affiliate program.

•As an affiliate, you understand that there is no minimum amount to start receiving commissions and no maximum amount to be paid out either, unless otherwise outlined in the affiliate program management software you signed up with.

•The site reserves the right to end affiliation with any affiliate at any time for any reason that we deem appropriate. In the event this occurs you will be contacted and provided an explain as to why your affiliate contract has been terminated within two (2) business days.

*Once you have signed up and become an affiliate of my Simply Helping Him you will receive a newsletter via email letting you know when there are new products added to the website. If there is a time sensitive sale going on I will also let you know via newsletter in an effort to keep you up to date.



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