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Wisdom Wednesday Hosts - Simply Helping Him: Marriage Experience from a Help Meet

Wisdom Wednesday Hosts


Wisdom Wednesday2
Wisdom Wednesday is a weekly link up where you can share your bits of wisdom with everyone! The link up goes live at 12:01am EST on Wednesday’s and closes at 11:59pm EST Thursday nights.


All posts linked up on this (and all other link ups here at Simply Helping Him) are shared via Pinterest and G+. The top 3 posts are shared via the Simply Helping Him Facebook Page and Twitter.



I am a stay at home, homeschooling, help meet, and mother of two wonderful blessings; living life  unfulfilled as the daughter and Princess of the King! My hubby is a self employed fisherman, and a Mainah through and through, thus we live in Maine. 

I was born in the Great State of Texas and I miss it terribly! Raised a Navy Brat, I’ve seen and traveled up and down the east coast. It was through the US Navy, that we arrived in Maine and I met my hubby in 2003. 

 This year my hubby and I will celebrate 8 years of marriage, solely by the grace of God. How blessed we truly are each and every day on this path He has allowed us to travel.  

I love to write! I love to talk, though for some reason when I do about things of importance, something gets lost when I speak. Thus I blog! I pray that God will use the words He places on my heart, my life experiences ~ both the good and the bad ~ to encourage other women in the race that God has set before them! 



Nannette has served in various ministry positions over the last 25 years, most recently as a pastor’s wife and missionary to Eastern Europe serving in the countries of Estonia and Latvia.

An aspiring writer, speaker, teacher and editor, she was kicked out of her comfort zone by the Lord and enjoys encouraging others through her blog,

She has been attached to The Sweetheart, Douglas, for 33 years and is happiest when the joys of her life, Kyle, Rachel, Kristopher and Korey Ross, are all gathered around her table making her laugh.


I am Meghan, a running shoe wearing and pony tail kinda girl, wife to an amazing man, and mama to two littles.  My family and I recently moved from the South to a small town in Nebraska- what a change!  We are a Christ following and homeschooling family, though just beginning our journey in homeschooling.  I recently read that our family is part of a whole new movement- the Crunchy Conservatives!  I laugh when I hear it, but it’s a pretty good description of our family- cloth diapering, baby food making, homeschooling, gardening, nature loving, natural remedy using, families who have a strong Christian faith and plan to save their children’s generation from becoming the “generation ME squared.”


I write about my humble attempts at being a home maker, while raising children who love Christ. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood Education so I naturally love learning, and teaching.  I also write about my love for Christ, and all He is teaching me through my many mistakes and experiences as a mama; I hope my readers can relate and love to hear their stories.

I am a mover and shaker- when I have an idea, I want to implement it now.  It is hard for me to sit back and let someone else have control- God is speaking to me daily on how to just be still and be present in Him, become a better wife, and mother.  I love writing to challenge myself, and hope to inspire others.

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