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Dec 26

Checklist for After Christmas with Link Up

After Christmas there is always so much to do, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. I know I do well having a checklist to keep me on track, so I decided that I would create one for after Christmas clean up! Today I’m sharing it with you, so it will hopefully help you be more …

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Dec 25

A Christmas Prayer

On this CHRISTmas Day most importantly we are remembering that Jesus is truly the reason for the CHRISTmas season. We’re also spending time together a midst all of our family traditions. Once that I’ve shared here, there, and over here. May we not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of busyness that happens …

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Dec 24

Printables for Christmas Round Up

I wanted to make sure you had all of the links to all of the Christmas themed goodies I created this year. So just in case you’re a last minute Christmas planner I decided to link to all of them here for you on Christmas Eve. May your Christmas eve be blessed with your loved …

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Dec 19

Printable Christmas Cards with Hearts for Home Link Up

Christmas wishes come around every year. Some of them are kept deep within our hearts, others we pray, and kiddos often give their Christmas wish list to their parents hoping for some of them on Christmas Day. An old custom seems to be dying more and more each year. With everything digitalized and online, Christmas …

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Dec 18

Christmas Acronym Printable with Wisdom Wednesday

Christmas is drawing near and with all the hustle and bustle it is easy to lose sight of the reason we celebrate. The reason that we celebrate is not hard to remember, it is simple and yet we forget. We forget that a member of the Trinity came to earth as a tiny babe, and …

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Dec 12

Printable Tags for Christmas Gifts

Today I’m sharing a free Christmas Printable. In this download you’ll find both Christian Themed and Christmas Fun Gift Tags. Each tag is either 2″x3″ or 2″x4″. They include a graphic image and “To:” and “From:” will be printed as well. Every one is unique in it’s shape, color style and Christmas graphic. There is …

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Dec 11

Printable Christmas Party Invitations

This is the season for having friends and family over. Something about Christmas encourages us to open our hands and hearts to those around us. Every year I think about putting together a Christmas Party though last year was the first time I actually did something along those lines. I hosted a Cookie Swap last …

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Dec 09

Printable Stocking Gifts for Your Husband

My husband’s stocking I strive to fill with love notes, coupons and treasures that I know he needs and/or shows my love for him. After all Christmas is about love, the greatest gift, is it not? Earlier this year I took some time to create some items that you can use to tuck in your …

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Nov 29

The Story of Christ’s Birth LAUNCH DAY with Link Up

As a Christian and a book lover I am always looking for books that teach my children about Christ Jesus. In the past this time of year was when I started to look for a new Christmas storybook for us to read together on Christmas day. I found it very difficult to find ones that were …

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Nov 25

Thankful Printables

Today’s post originally was going to contain a printable for showing our thankfulness for our husbands, which goes along with my Marriage Monday theme. Once I got started I realized it was something I needed to include the rest of our immediate families in as well. So I hope you’ll understand why I’ve gone off …

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