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May 05

Prayer Card Box

We’ve probably all had times in our lives when someone has shared a situation or asked for prayer and we’ve said, “I’ll be praying for you!”  We had good intentions but life got in the way and we never did remember to pray.

A lot of times, I’ll be going about the daily homemaking stuff and remember that there is something specific I want to add to my prayer list.  I have been having a hard time remembering all the things that come to mind throughout the day, so I created this prayer box.
A friend of mine told me about the prayer cards she made for each of her children.  The cards help her keep track of the things she wants to pray about specifically.  Since she has a large family like I do, writing it down is much easier than trying to keep it all in memory!
I used a broken recipe box for this project.  I taped it up and painted it.  Then I made cards from cardstock and wrote each child’s name at the top.  Now I can fill the cards with things that are specific to each child and use them to pray for my kids individually.
If you wanted to get really detailed, you could create dividers for personal, family, friends, church and worldwide prayers.  There’s room in the box for lots of cards so you can look back at old prayers and see God’s faithfulness in how they were answered.

I hope this prayer box idea blesses you!

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