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10 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Hubby - Simply Helping Him: Marriage Experience from a Help Meet



Dec 23

10 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Hubby

While I am what some would call an over the top planner, even I struggle with what gift(s) to get my hubby for Christmas. My son and I were brainstorming the other day over ideas of what to get him, and we came up with very little. I looked at my son and told him that the reason we have such a hard time is that my husband doesn’t do much except work. He has very little time for fun stuff or to do nothing. Such is the life of a self employed fisherman I’m told.

So I decided to do a little bit more thinking and I came up with a few last minute gift ideas that wives can grab for their husbands today or tomorrow even! 🙂



  1. Car Detail Package

  2. Car Seat Covers

  3. Tickets to a local sports game

  4. Guys Movie Night Bucket (Grab an oldie & a new flick or his fav. movie series. Add soda, microwave popcorn & candy!)

  5. Remote Car Starter Installation

  6. Newest Book from His Favorite Author

  7. Sticky Notes, Notepads & Pens (my hubby ALWAYS wants some in his truck)

  8. Favorite Coffee paired with a New Mug

  9. Basket of His Favorite Baked Goodies

  10. Gift Card(s) to His Favorite Places


May your hubby love the thought you’ve put into him this year, no matter what gift he finds under the tree.

My printable stocking stuffer gifts for hubby are here, should you be looking for a little something to tuck inside his stocking too!


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  1. Joan

    Great ideas…and practical, too! Thanks for sharing!

    Merry Christmas, Joan

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      You’re very welcome! 🙂 Thank you for hosting the link up and for stoppin by! Blessings!

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