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Caring for Your "king's" Castle - Simply Helping Him: Marriage Experience from a Help Meet



Oct 14

Caring for Your “king’s” Castle

Do you remember the saying I shared in the first “king” post? “A man’s home is his castle”? Well today we are going to tackle the topic of caring for our “king’s” castle.

This is an area of both great importance and often a cause of feeling a failure for many women. I pray that you will find a balance and sense of peace in this particular calling.

Our husbands work hard to provide for our families and when a long day is done, they head home to see their loved ones, rest and reboot. After a day’s work they do not want to come to a home filled with clutter or find dirtiness abounding.

As women we must be diligent with our time to ensure we are balancing all of our to do’s properly. This will allow for our days to be more productive and peaceful.

There is a picture with a statement that makes it’s way throughout Facebook every once and a while. The statement is something to the effect of “I get more cleaning done in the 10 minutes before someone arrives than I do all day.” While I do tend to stop and put away all the baby toys and any last minute clutter before my husband arrives home, I don’t typically wait until then to tidy up the house.


I’m going to take a moment to share a few tips that I find helpful in caring for my “king’s” castle.

Tips for Caring for Your “king’s” Castle


  • Find out what your husband’s #1 “annoyance” is and strive to stay on top of it.

(My hubby hates clutter and I have to daily stay on top of piles to keep it from happening.)

  • Sweep or vacuum the floors 1-2 times a week.

(This will decreasing the cleaning time on your deep cleaning days.)

  • Tidy your kitchen a couple times a day.

(You’ll spend much of your days in this room, and you won’t want to be in a messy room.)

  • Stay on top of the laundry.

(Buy 3+ baskets and teach your family to sort things as they remove them. We have 3 and they are divided for dark, white and reds. This will save you time in sorting and you can just dump a basket in with soap and walk away. You’ll be more likely to stay on top of the growing piles this way.)

  • Choose one day a week to do deep cleaning.

(From dusting and mopping, to clutter tackling and window cleaning.)

  • On the weekend get outside and keep up with your home’s outside appearance.

(Weed flower bed, sweep the porch, rake leaves, etc.)


While these are my tips, please know that I do not follow them perfectly, my kiddos and husband can attest to that. I do my best daily to keep my “king’s” castle as clean and tidy as I am able.

There are times when doing all these things will be difficult such as; having an infant or when you’re sick. During these times we must remember to give ourselves grace, do what we are able to do diligently or even take a day off when needed.

When we are persevering to care for our “king” and his castle, then our husband will see our efforts. These efforts will not be in vain.


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  1. Joan

    I remember that when our kids were little, it felt like I was just following them around and picking up after them all throughout the day. But, I did learn a few tricks along the way, such as having us all sing the “clean up, clean up” song while we all picked up the toys together. But, my main concern, and still is, is to keep our main living area straightened so when my husband and I are relaxing we aren’t distracted by clutter. Now, about 7 years as an empty nester, it is so much easier to keep things neat! (I wonder why that is? lol)

    Great post and good advice! Thanks!

    Blessings, Joan

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Oh yes! I love the “clean up, clean up” song! 🙂 Today the 1 yr old we take care of helped clean up some toys without even being asked! Yahoo! 🙂 Clutter is very distracting though hard to avoid with little ones around. I try to keep it neat and livable 🙂 Getting beyond that occasionally is bonus! 🙂 Thanks so much for stoppin by! Blessings!

  2. Beth

    I really appreciate your tips here, Misty, but I especially like (and feel convicted by) number 1. I don’t focus enough energy on the things my husband finds annoying but default to focusing on my personal annoyances more often. So I really appreciate this reminder that I can minister to him in this very specific way. Great thoughts!

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Yes that is often where I struggle the most. I am working hard to focus more on things he likes or needs done. Blessings to you and your ministry!

  3. Elisabeth

    The king of our family castle is actually in school, so I am working Fri/Sat/Sun night shifts as a nurse. It is so hard to do anything the first day or two after night shifts! Luckily, the years of training the children in what needs doing each day are starting to pay off (the joys of pre-teens and teens!) and it really helps me to keep an even keel. I’m still in charge of making sure the house is nice, but many hands make light the work!

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Yes! Pre-teens and teens are there to help out! I’m so glad that they are able and willing to help you out! 🙂 Great job Mom! Blessings!

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