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Sep 27

Faithful Ministry {Beyond Your Family}

The Truth About Ministry

Ministry is challenging, demanding and exhausting at times. Yet, if we choose not to minister we will miss out on things such as joy, spiritual growth, humility and blessings.

Ensuring that you’re ministering in the right place is very important. It will enable you to minister with increased energy, more passion and less frustration.


The Importance of Ministry Choice

There are so many ways that we have the opportunity minister. So, we must be sure that the ministries we are involved in came by God’s calling us to them and/or it is where our God given passion lies.

Stepping into a ministry that we are not called to, nor where our God given passion lies takes away the ability for someone else (who is called and passionate) to minister, and could possibly hinder the spiritual growth and progress of those you’re ministering too, and will likely lead to frustration on your part.


Recognizing Your God Given Gifts and Talents

God has given all of us specific talents and gifts, it is by using these that we are most likely called to minister.

You must recognize the gifts and/or talents God has given you. Those that have the talent of song sing, those that love the elderly minister in nursing homes, children’s ministry requires a passion for reaching and teaching kids about Christ, the eloquent in speech are often called as pastors (men), or women’s ministry leaders (women), on and on the ministry opportunities go.


What is Your Ministry Calling

Once you know what your gifts and/or talents are you’ll need to begin the process of discovering your calling and passion for ministry.

God is not full of confusion, and He always answers prayer. So, the first place you should be in beginning to discover your calling and passion for ministry is on your knees.

Prayer coupled with the knowledge of your gifts and talents, will enable direction for the utilization of them in ministry.

Faithfully Ministering to Others


Second in importance to ministry selection is faithfulness. In ministry you must be faithful. Be committed to them and God’s calling on your life and heart is required.

By ministering to others you are investing in their lives, their future, and doing so makes you accountable for your words and actions while ministering. We must ensure that we go to the Lord in prayer prior to all ministering. Sometimes all we have time for is a quick silent prayer, remember God is faithful. When we find ourselves talking to someone and we quietly cry out for the right words to speak, God will grant them to us.


Stepping into ministry can be a bit frightening and very humbling. Fear of the unknown and wondering why God chose me, an unworthy sinner to lead or take part in this ministry will cause you to question yourself. You must remain strong, for in our weakness His strength is perfect in us. Ministry is not done by our own hands, but by the strength, gifts and talents God alone provides. Never forget that He will never leave you alone in your ministry, so long as you remain focused on Him and serving Him.

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      There always are a bunch of blessings to be found in link ups! If only I had time to read all of them! 🙂 Blessings!

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