Jul 06

CATO’s Analysis of “The Child Catchers”

Have you heard about the book “The Child Catchers”?

I had not, but received the following information from CATO (Christian Alliance to Orphans), it is quite a long read, but very worth it for Christians interested in orphan care/adoption.

Below is the intro to the paper, follow this link to read more from Jedd Medefind (President of CATO).

“The new book The Child Catchers delivers aggressive criticism of the growing Christian orphan care movement.  Author Kathryn Joyce provides important warning regarding potential hazards, excesses and blind spots within the movement.  At the same time, the book’s overarching narrative and many of its claims also distort much more than they reveal. Thoughtful orphan advocates would do well to 1) Listen carefully to the book’s criticism; 2) Affirm its condemnations of misguided compassion; and 3) Reveal the book’s many caricatures, half-truths and misrepresentations for what they are….”


Remember to read more here


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