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Category Archive: Family

Jun 16

Fathers in My Life

Today is about two very important men in my life, and my #1. One of the two men has had my heart since I was born, and the other one captured my heart almost 10 years ago. My dad is truly the dad every girl wishes she had. I’ve never wondered if my dad would …

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Jun 06

Being Intentional About Summer

One thing that can’t be said for summer is that it isn’t busy. It is a different busy than the school year, but it is still busy. Last week, I wrote a vastly popular (insert unladylike snort) post entitled 20 Inexpensive Summer Date Ideas.  I mentioned in that post that reconnecting in relationships is the foundation …

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Jun 04

Indoor Summer Family Fun ~ Carnival Games

It’s easy to find fun summer family activities for bright and sunny days—but what about those rainy ones where it’s too soggy to go outside?  We like to make up fun games to play indoors.  Sometimes we even get great snacks to go along with them! One day we had a frozen yogurt party.  We …

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May 31

Boy Scouts of America = B$A

As I’m growing older I’m learning much about myself that I had never really noticed. Recently I wrote about a difficult situation I’ve been “patiently” waiting through. It is through this and other situations that I am learning that I see things in life as black or white. I find very few areas/topics that God’s …

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May 24

Family Fun!! Letter “H” Day!!

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared one of our family fun days with you! This was included a night out on the town shopping with daddy, so that was an added bonus for the kiddos! Plus the dairy ice cream brought huge smiles to my peanut’s and my face since we typically don’t …

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May 03

Family Fun!! Letter “G” Day

We’ve been a bit under the weather, so the last few letter days haven’t been as anticipated as before. I’m still pushing through because it changes up the dreary colds we’ve had around here. I’m so ready for spring to appear, and even more ready for summer! 🙂   Breakfast ~ Gravy & Biscuits Lunch …

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Apr 26

Family Fun!! Letter “F” Day

This was by far my favorite letter day so far….. We were blessed to be able to spend a week in New Hampshire with my parents……and my nephew…… So he was able to take part in some of the fun with us, even though he didn’t know he was! How blessed I am with the …

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Apr 25

Hospitality vs. Loneliness

Hospitality vs. Loneliness Definition: Cheerfully sharing food, shelter, or conversation to benefit others. I Will…. * Welcome visitors * Make others feel important * Prepare for guests * Gladly share my things * Not expect anything in return Week One Activities (Working On ~ Welcoming Visitors) During family time discuss times when y’all have been …

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Apr 19

Family Fun!! Letter “E” Day!!

This was the most awaited for letter day in home so far! My kiddos loved the movie that they had picked and were “patiently” awaiting “E” day! We had been wanting to make a bird feeder as well, so I was super excited when I found the idea via Google here. Hope you enjoy today’s …

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Apr 05

Family Fun!! Letter “D” Day!!

Time has gotten a little bit crazy here with spring coming our way, so “D” day didn’t really have an activity or an outing associated with it. Though I had planned for one, it just didn’t happen. We still had some yummy food, family movie time and creative time as well! My kiddos even tried …

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