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Hospitality vs. Loneliness - Simply Helping Him: Marriage Experience from a Help Meet



Apr 25

Hospitality vs. Loneliness

Hospitality vs. Loneliness

Definition: Cheerfully sharing food, shelter, or conversation to benefit others.

I Will….

* Welcome visitors

* Make others feel important

* Prepare for guests

* Gladly share my things

* Not expect anything in return

Week One Activities

(Working On ~ Welcoming Visitors)

During family time discuss times when y’all have been “new” somewhere. Share how it felt, what it looked like, etc. Practice welcoming visitors by taking turns welcoming new people to church, school, etc.

Week Two Activities

(Working On ~ Making other feel important)

Practice showing your family they are important by giving them 100% of your attention whenever possible. Remember our little blessings learn from what they see us doing.

Week Three Activities 

(Working on ~ Preparing for guests)

Discuss as a family whom you would like to have over for dinner. Assign tasks to everyone to help prepare for your guests. From cooking, to cleaning, to folding napkins, there is plenty for everyone to have a hand in preparing.

Week Four Activities

(Working on ~ Gladly sharing my things)

Encourage siblings to share amongst each other, this will ensure they also share when you have guests. Having a few special toys is expected, but sharing is otherwise required.

Week Five Activities

(Working on ~ Not expecting anything in return)

Children typically have kind and good hearts. When an ulterior motive does present itself gently remind them that kindness comes from our hearts, not in seeking something back in return. Ensure you live what you speak, as parents sometimes we ask our children to do something for us, in order for them to get what they want.

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