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Vacations are Ruined by..... - Simply Helping Him: Marriage Experience from a Help Meet



Jun 20

Vacations are Ruined by…..

Vacations…..oh the planning, what fun it is…..the sunrises, activities and escape from schedules to look forward to!


It is so easy to get caught up in planning the perfect vacation….

Which creates certain…..well…..perfect expectations…..

Travelling with kids you are bound to have times of imperfection….


I’m fully capable of imperfection on my own, I don’t need my kiddos help! LOL!

This past weekend we went on a little getaway, and it was not perfect.

But honestly, it was the closest to perfect we’ve ever had…..

From releasing my planning side, to run with my hubby’s fly by the seat of my pants side… the late night party scene running until 11:30 pm…..and 5 am wake ups for my kiddos…..

There were definitely moments of imperfection……

I think what helped me enjoy this vacation was to let go, like my husband is always telling me.

Don’t hold on too tight…….just enjoy the moments….


I had zero expectations for this trip, I was only looking forward to time away from home, and leaving our schedules behind.

So my advice for you? To have a “close to perfect” vacation?

Embrace your next vacation. 

Don’t over plan. 

Enjoy your moments. 

Go away with zero expectations, and you will find yourself looking back on your moment smiling. 

Take time to just be a family…..

Hold them close…..stay up late…..rise early……play hard……take pictures…..

All the while you’ll be creating…….

memories to last a lifetime….



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  1. Richella Parham

    Zero expectations? That’s really good advice! I’m going to try to remember that just getting away is enough, and anything else is icing on the cake!

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Oh yes, it is hard to do, I still am very poor at it. I love to get away, but often expect it to be like the getaways in commercials! LOL! Thanks for stoppin by! Blessings!

  2. Tristi

    I agree that we need to let go of the expectations! It sets the tone for everything. Hope I can follow through with letting go!

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Praying that God strengthens you for your journey through letting go! Thank you for stoppin by! Blessings!

  3. Erica {let why lead}

    This was perfect advice for me since I’m leaving on vacation, with my husband and three kids, tomorrow! I’ve always been a bit disappointed with how “vacation” feels as a mom, but I think I’ve finally started adjusting my expectations. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement!

    Visiting from Imparting Grace, btw!

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Isn’t it awesome how amazing God’s timing is?! Praying that your vacation is filled with wonderful memories! Thank you for stoppin by! Blessings!

  4. Stacy @Stacy Makes Cents

    Excellent advice – I will remember that this summer.
    Visiting from Thrive at Home Thursday.

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      🙂 Praying you have an memorable summer! 🙂

  5. Renee

    Seriously Misty- chills and welling up- I am SO HAPPY for you at reading this post. I know what this post means and I am thrilled.

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      🙂 Thank you dear friend……I miss you…..Seriously we need a get together soon…..before summer is over….. (((hugs))) and <3

  6. Katherines Corner

    true! Thank you for sharing this post and photos at the hop xo

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      🙂 You’re very welcome! Thank you for stoppin by!! Blessings!

  7. Scott

    You are so right. Just got back from a trip and on the first day had to remind myself that vacation is not about an agenda, it is about enjoying the joy of the moment. Great post for summer.

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Oh yes! Isn’t it so much more enjoyable having a vacation that way!?! I’m so glad I let go more than I have before, for I truly enjoyed this getaway! Thanks for stoppin by Scott! Blessings!

  8. Kelsey Ferguson

    So sweet and SO true! We are vacationing with my family this year in a cabin in the mountains. There is nine of us going! While I’m looking forward to the relaxation, I’m kind of dreading the 9hr car ride with my little guy. Your post was very timely for me to keep things in perspective!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      I honestly didn’t think I had anything to share because of the title of the Hearts at Home Hop for this month. Since my lil getaway was “close to perfect” for me, I almost didn’t participate! I’m so glad that you found it helpful! Praying y’all have a blessed time away together!

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