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Category Archive: Marriage

Jul 15

Your Wedding Vow {Guest Posting @ A Proverbs 31 Wife}

The vows we make to our husbands are often quickly forgotten. Sometimes it’s just a repeat after the preacher speech because we don’t truly think about what we’re saying. Have you taken a look at or thought about what your wedding vows were? This is the day that you stood before God and committed yourself …

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Jul 08

Dear Wife Who Feels Unattractive

We’ve traded our heels and skirts, for sneakers and jeans, and our styled hair for ponytails. Where once we spent an hour getting ready for our day, we’re lucky to have 10 quiet minutes to shower and shave. Manicured nails are a thing of the past, we don’t have time for things that don’t last. …

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Jun 24

Dear Wife Who Lives Exhausted

Each day you wake and coffee calls your name….. You race through your days, fulfilling each request you receive, and all your required duties… Breakfast, School, Laundry, Housekeeping, Lunch, Sports, and Dinner all await you……with lots more thrown in between…. From sunrise to sunset, your hands and feet are put to the test…. Can you …

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Jun 17

Dear Wife Who Feels Unloved

Feeling Unloved?   Throughout the last 10 years, I have been in both of these places……more times than I care to admit….   “Stage 1” The days seem longer than you’ve ever imagined they could be…. Gone are the dreams you one had…..for after all they were based on Hollywood glamour, their perfectly flawless and …

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May 27

Dear Wife Who Feels Alone

Oh how I wish I could sit and listen….. Hear each and every word you had to say …. Just so you wouldn’t feel…….wouldn’t be alone…..   I wish I could hold you while the tears fall down your face when words aren’t enough….. Just being there so you wouldn’t feel……wouldn’t be alone…..   I …

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May 20

Waiting WITH Patience

I tend to be hasty in my decision making, while I’m married to a slow decision maker. I’ve never had an over abundance of patience, so between being a mother and my hubby, I’m quite sure God is trying to grow me in patience. Currently we are faced with a situation, which requires a difficult …

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May 13

Is His Heart Safe with You? Part 2

Just as our words can damage our relationship with our husband, so can our actions and choices. As help meets we should desire to have 100% of our husbands trust, which shows he knows his heart is safe with us. God’s word in 1 John 3:18 says, we aren’t to love in word or tongue, …

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Apr 29

Is His Heart Safe with You? (Part One)

Often times this is something we either don’t think about, or we take it for granted. Once the “I Do’s” are spoken we belong together, forever……and off we go….. Life gets busy…kids come along…..time together alone happens less and less….   As life settles in, the newness of our relationship wears off, and we begin …

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Apr 22

Handling Disappointment

It happens, though we often know it shouldn’t. Though we tell ourselves not to have expectations, though we work really hard to ensure we don’t. There are times, when we will find ourselves disappointed in our husbands (and vice versa). Just like most things, it isn’t the disappointed feeling that is important, it’s what we …

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Feb 07

A Help Meet’s Imperfection

If you’ve looked around my lil corner here at all, you’ll see my true passion is on one topic alone….   Being a help meet to my husband.    This is who I am, it is what I was created for, it is my God given calling.   News Flash……   I’m not a perfect …

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