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Oct 08

Wisdom ~ While There is Yet Hope

God’s word tells us we have no promise of tomorrow. While this is speaking of our physical lives on earth, it is also true of our marriages and families. Look around the world today ~ marriages of 20+ years are falling apart, spouses walk away “without a care”, kids run away ready for a “new …

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Oct 01

Beginning of Wisdom

Often times we wish for wisdom….pray for it….look for it…. It is a gift, and all along God tells us in His word where to begin… Psalm 111:10 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth for ever.” Proverbs 9:10 “The fear …

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Sep 24

The Gift of Wisdom

Today’s study covers two topics; wisdom and submission. I love how Debi brings the two together…. This chapter is close to my heart. It is from this chapter that my marriage took a turn. I changed. Not for my husband, not for me, but for God. I chose to follow His will for me, as …

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Sep 17

Thanksgiving Produces Joy

Do you have fun being in love with your husband? Do you enjoy time together? Debi takes time to go through some fun she and her husband share ~ tickling, long walks, chasing through the house, etc. I know for me and my husband, this is not our way of life. Yet, it makes me …

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Sep 10

A Thankful Spirit

Have I been discontent about my lot in life? Do I daily remember to thank God for my husband? Would my friends describe me as joyful, thankful and content? Am I willing to lay down any grievance toward my husband for the hope of a heavenly marriage? You might be one of the women who …

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Sep 03

Change Your Game Plan

What do you do if your husband is caught in an emotional affair? Do you write off the marriage? Do you get angry and bitter and let everyone, including your husband know it? God has provided for your husband’s complete sanctification and deliverance from temptation through you, his wife. You must face the facts ~ …

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Aug 27

A Merry Heart

Who doesn’t love a smile? A cheerful countenance? Did you ever think that your husband loves that most about the woman he fell in love with? What does he see now?   The Bible tells us that the Joy of the Lord is our strength. For this marriage making journey you’re on, you will need …

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Aug 20

Marriage Monday ~ God Hasn’t Changed His Mind

This week is sometimes a bit of a touchy subject, it is actually part of chapter 1, but I didn’t want to rush through it. “God Hasn’t Changed His Mind” I know many women (and I was one of them) that try and run the home. There is a line to be found, between being …

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Aug 13

Created To Be His Help Meet Study ~ Week Two

Do you know why women were created? If so, how do you feel about it? Do you consider it a blessing, a curse or have you not really thought about how it applies to you? Guess what?!?! You didn’t marry “Mr. Right”, because that comes along with a fairy tale! You aren’t “Mrs. Right” either, …

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Aug 06

Created to be His Help Meet ~ Week One ~ Marriage Monday

    Created to be His Help Meet Book Study   Week One    **I will be using italic font when I am quoting directly from her book.**   “Once Upon a Time Once upon a time there was a silly young girl who grew up to learn what it means to be a help …

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