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Created to be His Help Meet Study

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Dec 17

Help Meet Practical Game Rule #1 ~ To Be Sober

I’m looking for feedback on the upcoming 2013 year! May I beg a moment of your time? Click here to take survey ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I love to know exactly what is expected of me. In knowing the rules, I can better hold myself accountable. If I fail when I know the rules, then I know it …

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Dec 10

8 Practical Help Meet Game Rules…Intro

In the Old Testament, they received 10 commandments from the Lord God to follow, and in doing them they would be obeying Him. As wives, we are given a bit shorter list of 8 things God requires of us…..if we do not obey we are guilty of blaspheming God’s Word. Yikes! That is definitely not …

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Dec 03

Kings & Kingdoms

Is your husband the king of your home? Is your home his castle? Does he feel like a king when he is home?   Man was created to rule. It is his nature. But the only place most men will ever rule is their own little kingdom called home. When you neglect to reverence your …

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Nov 26

The Great Mystery (Part 2)

In our own strength, we women tend to have minds like old LP records that are scratched. We take our husband’s faults and replay them in our thoughts over and over again, “he’s insensitive….he’s insensitive…..he’s insensitive…he’s insensitive….” Since we are “Christian” ladies, and the kids are watching, we don’t rant and rave; we just give …

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Nov 19

The Great Mystery (Part 1)

Oh how I love mysteries! This one is my favorite of all, since I truly do not understand it completely, though I know someday I will! A wise woman understands that her husband’s need to be honored is not based on his performance, but on his nature and his God-ordained position. She learns quickly to …

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Nov 12

By Divine Appointment

Two sentences in this chapter changed me. They provided peace and strength in some difficulties in my marriage.   “He must answer to God for how he leads his “troops”. You must answer to God for how you obey the one He placed over you.”   <— Tweet the Truth!   Many times I may …

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Nov 05

The Nature of Man and Woman

Men and women are different. There is NO way around that. God planned it that way! His ways are ALWAYS better than ours!   Thankfully, men and women were not created alike. Men were created with traits that I do not want as part of me! But, when I married, it was, of course, to …

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Oct 29

Reactions Define You

Reactions… many pictures come to mind…. Cutting words….deep breaths….quiet answers….   How do you react? Have you ever thought about your reactions defining you?   By the time you married, you already held certain basic convictions. You knew right from wrong. You did what you thought was right, and no one could persuade you differently. …

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Oct 22

Finding Your Life In His

How many times have you heard your life is not your own? Nowadays you hear things such as….”Do what makes you happy” This is not truth…God made us for a reason….happiness is not mentioned. We (as wives) were made to be help meets…   God created Adam, gave him an occupation, appointed him as ruler …

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Oct 15

Wisdom To Understand Your Man

Men are not all the same.    By the time a young woman gets married, she has developed a composite image of what her husband ought to be like. The men she has known and the characters in books and movies provide each woman with a concept of the perfect man. Poor guys!  Our preconceived …

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