Nov 15

A Grace Filled Thanksgiving

Today I’m also sharing as a part of Hearts at Home, sharing about the upcoming holiday…..Thanksgiving!


This year I decided that I was going to slow down our holiday season, so that I could truly enjoy the holiday along with my family! I wanted to ensure that we have time to remember the reasons for the seasons.


Last year, I read Ann Voskamp’s book “1000 Gifts”, and it has changed how I live day to day. I also believe that it is part of the reason why I have chosen to slow down our holiday season. To truly see the gifts, to live by grace, you must slow down to see the things all around you.


Thanksgiving is a holiday that many skip over, especially the retail stores. I used to do so as well. Christmas by far was always my favorite holiday. I love the lights, the tree, the pretty packaged gifts, etc. As a young mother, I loved seeing my children light up when they opened their gifts and squeal with delight over their new things. After 9 years, of being a mother; I have come to watch the kiddos just ripping open package after package, not really paying attention to what was inside or who it was from. This was my greatest fear, losing sight of what Christmas is about.


Now, I realize that it is the Thanksgiving that we were missing. The gifts we were missing, throughout the year, not just on Christmas Day.


This year, Ann Voskamp, shared a free printable for a Thanksgiving Tree. The kiddos and I truly enjoyed this project and they went so far as to say, that they want to have one all year long! So after the “Thanksgiving Season” has passed, we will have a “Snowflake Thanksgiving Tree”, etc.


While, this Thanksgiving is not a long-lasting tradition, I hope to make it one of the most memorable and life changing yet.

Counting gifts….with thankful hearts for the grace He has given, for the grace He daily bestows.

All the food, decorations, presents and money in the world can not touch the greatest gift we’ll ever know. <— Share Me

Grace. All is grace.

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  1. Christina

    We do a Thanksgiving tree too. I’ve never thought about continuing it into Christmas and beyond. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      It was my kiddos idea! :) Thanks for stoppin by! :) Blessings!

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