Nov 15

Wizard Wall Review

Chalkboards were a teacher’s choice of the past, while now we enjoy the convenience and less mess from a dry erase board!

Wizard Wall is an innovative, clinging dry erase board! Adhering to practically any flat surface, for 4-6 months! This amazing product allows you to use both permanent and dry erase markers!

I was sent 8×11 sheets of both their white and clear wall film, and used them in many ways! From clipboards for doodling during “adult” church class, to decorating for fall, and home organization; Wizard Wall worked wonderfully!

I loved using their clear wall on my refrigerator. I used a permanent marker to write “Grocery List”, and a dry erase marker to keep track of our daily/weekly kitchen needs.

The ability to turn a wall, table or door into a “notepad” was a real treat!

Should you need to fill a larger area, their systems come in sizes ranging from 13″x25′ to 28″x40′.

Their products are available as Wizard Wall Systems (which include a roll and slide cutting system), and as Wizard Wall System Refills. The Wizard Wall Systems range from $49.99 to $99.50, while the Wizard Wall System Refills range from $31.99 to $75.00.

Wizard Wall also offers kits, markers and erasers, as well as Easel Pads! I love the idea of the last one for teaching purposes!

The wall film is recyclable as well, which allows for easy disposal for you, and less trash for our landfills.

I found that the Wizard Wall Film does not adhere well when removed over and over again. It probably gets dirt or dust on the adhering side during this type of use.

It truly is a great product for school, work and home use!

When dry erase boards are not an option choose Wizard Wall!

**Be sure to swing by their Facebook Page where they offer giveaways periodically

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Thank you Wizard Wall for providing me sample sheets to review!

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