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Sep 07


Compassion. We talk about that word a lot. When we remember “The Good Samaritan”, when we talk about sponsoring children in other countries; yet what does the word compassion mean?


1. A suffering with another; painful sympathy; a sensation of sorrow excited by the distress or misfortunes of another; pity; commiseration. Compassion is a mixed passion, compounded of love and sorrow; at least some portion of love generally attends the pain or regret, or is excited by it. Extreme distress of an enemy even changes enmity into at least temporary affection.

This week, I stopped by many blogs and read many posts about Compassion International. I found out while reading these posts, that this month (September) is Blog Month for Compassion. So I decided to jump on board!

As a teen I spent a summer in Mexico, visiting many places that we would consider unclean, unhealthy and beyond poor. Yet in these places I was blessed to see families that gave from what little they had. They shared meals with us, shared their homes, we were a part of their lives. The children longed for friends, games, and loved hearing stories from God’s word. The little they had did not take away from what who they were. These children learned quickly throughout the summer, but if we had not come would they have known the love of Jesus Christ? Do they know that they blessed us? That we came to realize that it isn’t what things you have or don’t have? 

I’ve seen with my own eyes, children in need of what we consider a part of life. Clean water. Beds. Indoor Plumbing. 3 meals a day.

I’ve felt in my heart (and still do) that we are so blessed, yet we take it for granted. We must live our lives with TRUE compassion. Love. AND. Sorrow.

It has been 12 years since I spent a summer in Mexico. Yet there is little time that goes by when I don’t remember all I saw and everything I learned. That summer changed me. I have not been able to return to the mission field, as of yet. I pray there is coming a day when I will be blessed to return again.

Compassion International provides us all the opportunity to reach the world beyond our country’s borders. Without ever leaving our homes. Yet we are making a difference. In a child’s life. In their families lives.

Take a moment and visit their site. If you are unable to give financially. Pray for the children on their site. I am a firm believer in GAP (God Answers Prayer). I’ve seen it happen too many times in my life and those I love to not believe it!

3,108…..that’s the goal for this month…..3,108 children to be sponsored…..will you take the step?

Sponsor a child today. Make their day. Show them they matter. Touch their life for Christ. 

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  1. Mary Beth

    I’m so excited you decided to join us!!! 🙂

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Me too! I couldn’t believe that they had a blogger program! I signed up right away for the Compassion Blog month AND the blogger program! This is definitely something that has been on my heart since I was a child, I am so excited to be a part! 🙂

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