Nov 23

Who’s Who In The Bible Book Review

National Geographic recently published the book, “Who’s Who in the Bible” by Jean-Pierre Isbouts. I was excited when they contacted me in regards to reviewing the new book.

Upon receiving the book, I was shocked at the size of the book and the depth of the content. At first glance I noticed it was over 300 pages of information, maps, lineage, charts, etc. I couldn’t wait to delve into it more to see what jewels of learning I could find inside.


Once I was able to sit down and take a look into the book, I found that although there is a lot of information inside. I would not be able to use and/or recommend the book as I had hoped.

I was excited to be able to use the book in our homeschooling Bible classes, but for a couple reasons that I will outline below, I will have to do so carefully.

Things I Didn’t Like or Agree With

1. There are many painting illustrations throughout the book that contain nudity. So, I will not be able to just hand the book to my children for them to read. This was something I was greatly looking forward to doing, as my children love to read.

2.┬áThe author not only takes information from the Bible, but also from the “Deuterocanonical/Apocryphal” writings as well. While I have not taken the time to study these documents, they are not included in any Bible that I’ve ever seen, owned, or read. So this part of the text I do not believe should be included in this book.

3. The author states that the book was written using “nondenominational temporal indicators of B.C.E. and C.E.” rather than the B.C. and A.D. For a book about the Bible why would that be an issue among Christians?

4. The timeline is from an old earth point of view. Since I do not believe that the earth is 9,000+ years old, I will not be able to teach using the timeline included.

Things I Liked

There were several things that I loved about the book and will incorporate into our Bible curriculum.

1. The beautiful maps. What child doesn’t love to look at maps, especially ones that they can follow along with God’s word?

2. The lineage and family trees. My children loved creating these in Bible last year, and I know they’ll love taking on some new ones in the future.

3. The alphabetized mini biographies of the people included in each chapter. Each biography includes the scripture that the information is found in the Bible.


So, while this book does have some wonderful aspect to it, I am reminded of why I study directly from the Bible with my children. It is within the Bibles pages that we find truth and all that we need for this life.



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