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Oct 04

Faithful Worship with Faithful Friday Link Up

There was a time in my life that worship was a part of every minute of my life. It came as naturally as breathing. I couldn’t have imagined my life focus being anything but worshiping the Lord. He truly was my all in all, my heart, my life was full of worship, and it was all about Him, Jesus.

It was the summer of 2000, and I was 16. I’d had a rough year and was thrilled to leave home to spend the summer in Mexico. My grandparents spent every summer in San Luis Potosi with several church youth groups from the US. The entire summer was dedicated to ministering in many different ways; building projects, street preaching, skits, kids Bible clubs and even some good ol’ basketball games.

Praise and worship music was just becoming popular, and my grandfather an avid hymn lover, was not happy with this particular change. I had the amazing opportunity to see God work on his heart one night while we were in Guanajuato.

The entire youth group was sitting on a hill overlooking the city, and we were singing “The Heart of Worship”. The Holy Spirit was moving on our hearts through all we’d seen, done and by revealing how selfish we were in life worrying about us, our needs and our wants. All the while we’d forgotten that to truly live for, love and worship the Lord we couldn’t look at ourselves, our eyes could only be on Him, everything had to be about Him, for Him. That night we knew that our lives must be His alone to truly worship Him.


After we finished singing, my grandfather stood up in front of the whole group, with tears in his eyes. He told us how he was not fond of praise and worship music, but that he had seen God moving in our hearts and lives throughout that song. I will never forget seeing his face filled with awe in how God was using something he didn’t care for to reveal His work in us.

A midst the dusty streets, the smudged kids faces, markets and outdoor bathroom “holes”, our lives were filled with worship. All we had we gave away in a smile, a Bible story in fumbling in Spanish, in holding a baby…..

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That summer I realized, and have never forgotten that worship isn’t found in a song, nor is it only the words on our lips. Worship must be part of every moment of our days. Every breath we take, each word spoken, all that we do must be filled with the worship of God.

Worship must be our heart’s focus, our lives must speak forth our adoration for the One who saved us and loves us unconditionally.

I often look back on my time in Mexico, wishing I could go back and be a part of that worship filled time in my life. Yet, I know it wasn’t the time or place alone that made it so special and unforgettable. It was my heart. My heart was fixed on the Lord alone. I can fill myself full of worship, just like when I was 16. I just have to refocus my heart solely on my Savior.



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  1. Debbie

    Thanks so much for hosting!

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      You’re very welcome! Thank you for stoppin by to link up! 🙂

  2. momstheword

    This is a favorite song of mine! What a sweet story about your grandfather. I know that some people prefer their traditional hymns but I also know some who love the praise music. I like a little of both! Thanks so much for hosting today.

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      It truly is a gem! As I’m getting older, I’m finding I miss the old hymns, but definitely love praise music too! Blessings! 🙂

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