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Oct 07

Preparing for the Harvest

This time of year has become my favorite over the last couple years. The dark mornings and early nights tend to slow me down, which gives me more time to think, look back and plan for the upcoming year.

Being a home school mom, I look at the year as Sept.-Aug. instead of Jan.-Dec. So, all of my planning for school, ministry and life follows this same schedule.

In September I tend to evaluate what I’ve done over the last year, and pray about what God has planned for me this year.

My focus this year is to reach my children’s hearts more than studying textbooks. I’m focusing on my relationships with them more than ever before. This has not been easy, but I have begun to see fruit for a future harvest. One of my little blessings has opened their heart to me, and several hours over a week’s time was spent lovingly listening, advising and ministering to their heart. What a blessing it has been for me to see God working via changes I felt Him guiding me to make.


Each fall I also look beyond my family to the ministries God has led me to. At times there have been things I had to let go of, even though I truly loved being a part of them. God must direct my steps and my fingers. Otherwise I’m doing things of myself and in my own strength, and thus not ministering with God’s blessing.

There is always much work to be done at home, in our workplace, and in ministry. We must be wise to ensure that our current focus is God’s will for our lives at this time. I’ve found that a yearly review and dedicated time of prayer helps me to accurately assess where God wants (or doesn’t) want me focused.

We must remember that though the workers are few and the harvest is plenty, we must be in the right field to reap the rewards God has for those who serve Him.


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  1. Missy

    I like what you said about being in the right place. There are so many great things we could be involved in, but if it is not where God wants us, then we can not serve Him properly. Sometimes it’s just not the right time either. I know that God has given me a gift for teaching and so I tried teaching Sunday School, but when I homeschool all week with my own little ones, I just could not handle Sunday School on top of that, and I ended up not able to do my best in our homeschool or in the Sunday School class. I finally realized that although God may want me to teach Sunday School some day, now is not that time. My ministry is to serve my family first! If I have time and energy and can get organized enough after that, then I can do other things. This is something God has really been teaching my husband and I, and it has not been an easy lesson to learn some days. Thank you for sharing what you did!

    I found your post on Mom’s Monday Mingle.

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Yes, we must remember that if we take on something that we are not directed to, we could potentially be taking someone else’s ministry opportunity. This wisdom came from my mom and I’ve never forgotten it 🙂 Thank you for stoppin by! Blessings!

  2. Sheila at Longings End

    With my birthday in October, the last quarter of the year is also a time for me to reflect on what is past and on what may be coming. Thanks for your words and I was so encouraged by your line about relationship building trumping textbook studying…for it is all about the Love! Thanks, Misty. Please stop by Longings End. My 31 Days is called First comes Love…

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Isn’t it wonderful to have a time to reflect and seek direction for the future? I love it! Thanks for stoppin by! I swung by your corner earlier this week 😉 I’m not sure what all the 31 posts are about, but I’m seeing them all over the place. I must have missed the memo somewhere. LOL! Blessings hun!

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    […] Every fall I spend time praying about my commitments, and ask for guidance from the Lord for the upcoming year. This help me ensure I’m allowing God to lead me where to serve, and show me on what I am to focus. […]

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