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Submission: A Requirement for Godliness - Simply Helping Him: Marriage Experience from a Help Meet



Jul 08

Submission: A Requirement for Godliness

What does it mean to be godly? It’s something we know we’ll never truly attain, it is what we reach for throughout our life long race.

In K. P. Yohannan‘s book, “Touching Godliness“, he reveals that in order to begin to touch godliness we must learn of and learn to submit.

He states that “submission is a heart attitude toward authority, whereas obedience is an action.”


While submission is typically seen as a topic between a wife and husband, in “Touching Godliness“, we see it is applicable in many relationships, often many we don’t consider.

Those in authority over us can be parents, pastors, employers, presidents, etc. Each of these authoritative relationships are covered in this book.

K.P. Yohannan reveals our ultimate example in submission as Christ, who was perfect in His submission to His Father. Realizing that we’ll never attain perfect submission as Christ did, many other godly examples of submission are given for us to learn from.

The difficult topic of what to do if your authoritative figures go wrong, specifically against God’s word is approached as the delicate matter it is. He instructs that “When we know beyond doubt that God has shown us what needs to be done, we must give priority to that word above other’s opinion or counsel.”

I often tell my children that in learning obedience to their parents, they are learning how to obey God. The same concept is taught in this book. by submitting to the authorities God places over us, we are in turn learning to submit to our Supreme Authority, God the Father.

There is an optional study guide for each chapter that allows for greater soul searching, and heart changing. I was greatly blessed in choosing to take this book to the next level through this study.

You will find that this book delves deep into your heart and makes you search yourself. In checking your attitude towards your authority figures….be ready to have your eyes opened to God’s design for submission.



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