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Changing Season, Changing Habits - Simply Helping Him: Marriage Experience from a Help Meet



Apr 09

Changing Season, Changing Habits

In my household, this season, we are trying to get back into shape and take care of ourselves.  The Bible says that our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit.  God has blessed us with these beautiful bodies capable of doing his work.


But, when we don’t take care of ourselves, we aren’t capable of much.  I was so tired and worn down that I would actually circle the parking lot at work until a closer spot opened up, rather than park farther away.  I would also pile things at the bottom of the stairs, rather than carry things up throughout the day.  I had no energy.  And what little energy I did have was used up taking care of the baby.


This idea of being “healthy” is a relatively new thing for us, so we’re taking baby steps.  In order to even have enough energy to exercise, we have to change our diets and fill our bodies with the nutrients they need to function.  As the “cook” in our household, it’s my responsibility to make sure that there is healthy food for my family to choose from.  If your kids are young, there are ways to sneak healthy food into their diets without them complaining too much.  I put protein powder in my son’s chocolate milk, because hot dogs are not an adequate source of protein.  My family despises casseroles, but there are a lot of vegetables you can puree and add to a casserole.  But, the best way to ensure your kids develop healthy eating habits, it to model healthy eating habits yourself.


A simple Google search would turn up thousands of “healthy eating ideas”, but to make a lasting lifestyle change, you need to break one habit at a time.  Here are some of the ways that we have been making simple changes in our eating habits this month:


1. Drink plenty of water!  A lot of cravings and binges happen because we’re dehydrated and we mistake it for hunger.  My family got new water bottles and we keep them full.  I take two water bottles to work with me, because I don’t like the way the water tastes out of the fountain.  If you’re not a big water-drinker, try adding some cucumbers, lemons, or strawberries to your water.  Slice them up and let them “marinate” overnight in the fridge.  In the morning you have a pitcher of yummy hydration waiting for you.

2. Don’t skip breakfast.  My husband is very guilty of this, and I know it’s because his mornings are rushed.  If your mornings are busy, stock up on food that is made “to go”.  Grab a banana or an apple on your way out the door.  Bake some oatmeal on Sunday and reheat some for breakfast throughout the week.

3.Eat your colors.  Try to eat a rainbow every day.  Eat a tomato, orange slices, roasted squash, spinach in a smoothie, blueberries in your yogurt, and eggplant parmesan for dinner! Don’t substitute a sugary fruit juice for the real deal, though.  Eating fresh fruits and veggies, just the way God made them, gives your body the fiber it needs to feel fuller longer.  Fruits and veggies are vitamin-packed, too!


4. Smoothies.  When you’re too busy to pack a lunch, don’t stop at the fast-food drive-thru.  Make up some smoothies at the beginning of the week and freeze them for quick lunches throughout the week.  You can put anything in a smoothie!   You can use fruits or veggies, even nuts!  We prefer fruit, but you can sneak some dark green veggies into a smoothie for added nutrients without affecting the taste.  Add some protein powder to make it a balanced meal.  Favorites in our house include chocolate milk & coffee, orange juice & strawberries, and peanut butter & banana.

5. Make substitutions where you can.  You don’t have to give up that favorite meal.  Just make it healthier!  By making one change at a time, I changed my Subway order from a Chicken Bacon Ranch to a Veggie Delight!  Substitute one thing at a time and I bet you won’t notice the difference.  Use extra lean ground beef, or try ground turkey, instead.  Use oil and vinegar instead of salad dressing – or skip salad dressing all together and enjoy those veggies in their natural yumminess.  Use rolled oats instead of breadcrumbs in meatloaf.  Switch to whole grain bread.  Try wrapping your burger in large lettuce leaves instead of using a bun.  Skip the microwave rice—make a large pot of brown rice and freeze it in serving sized portions.


So, pick one thing and make a change!  See how you feel.  If you have more energy than you did before, keep doing it and pick another change to make.



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  1. Barefoot Hippie Girl

    Kristen, we drink lots of water too. I drink 3-4 bottles (24 ounces each) a day. And not skipping breakfast is key. I love having granola and raisins for breakfast. It’s fast, easy and delicious, and healthy. I think making the effort to have something healthy is a great plan.

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