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Apr 08

Time to Help Him……Decluttering

Prior to sharing my “Help Meet Corner” post, I must stop and wish my mom a very Happy Birthday! She is the greatest example, that I could never duplicate! I love you Mother! 🙂




Spring has sprung here in Maine finally it seems. It seemed like it would never get here, but knock on wood it has been over 2 weeks since snow fell!! YAHOO!

My husband gets spring fever, much differently than I do.

Sunshine for me, means that I want to get my seeds going, my flower beds cleared out, and get my hands in the dirt.

He likes to get things done too, but typically the first words out of his mouth in the spring are “It’s time to de-clutter.” 


That is something I like to do, but it’s definitely not the first thing on my list.

Yet, this is what he likes done, and I am here by his side to help….so I’m getting it done.


Not just your spring de-cluttering is happening here though.

This time, we are hoping to get the house ready to put on the market………..again….

So it is time to pack away things that aren’t needed……

Yikes! I “think” I need more than he thinks I do.

Before I left on vacation, I went through the kitchen, bathroom, washroom, dining room and living room getting everything that I could “spare” out and packed away, so that the downstairs is pretty well ready to go. Just the renovating and deep cleaning remain.

Now that I am home and “rested”. (somehow I come home just as tired from vacation LOL)

I am tackling the kiddos room first.

While we were away Boo and I decided the first thing to tackle would be his Lego Rubbermaid.

He loves Legos, and we have A LOT. The problem being is that they are all tossed in one Rubbermaid  including all the sets (broken apart) that he owns.

Due to the fact that there are thousands, (millions maybe?) of Legos, he can’t ever make the sets because they’re mixed up! So he always wants NEW sets to start over and do the same thing!

I FINALLY put my foot down! Of course doing so created a lot of work! LOL!

So we are sorting ALL of his Lego pieces by color, and then we will go through each set of directions and put all the appropriate pieces in a  Ziploc with the directions and name on the bag.


Yes it is A LOT of work, but I believe it will truly make his (and my) life easier in the long run! We have a tall drawer unit that will hold all the Lego pieces once divided, which will eliminate a Rubbermaid from the bedroom! SCORE! DE-CLUTTERING AT IT’S BEST! 🙂

Following the Lego project, we will continue through their room until the toys they keep fit neatly under their bed for the time being. Anything extra will be stored away, given away or thrown away as needed.


I did find one afternoon to tackle my first set of veggies/herbs for the year! They are enjoying the warmth in the house for now, since it is still a bit cool in the evenings here. Once the weather warms up, and the ground reaches 50, I have spring bulbs to plant and a garden to till. I’m thoroughly excited as I HOPE to have my garden in a much better location than last year!


How are you tackling spring in your home and family this year? Any new projects/ideas your running with? I’d love to hear about them! Share please!



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  1. Ann

    Hi, Misty! Wow, kudos on the Lego project! I remember having the same type of big box of all the pieces years ago and my son not putting the sets together again because they were all in one box. Very sad! I also get in the spring planting mood, once the weather shows signs of warming up. So, it’s been a struggle, since our winter projects aren’t done yet ~ we have been painting walls, staining and putting up trim, and new doors and windows in 3 rooms above our garage. Yesterday, my hubby gave me the task of spackling gaps around some of the windows. Not sure if that was wise of him, as I think I got more spackle paste on me than around the windows. That is one messy job!! Best wishes on a successful move. Are you planning on moving far from where you are now?
    In His love, Ann @ Christ in the Clouds

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Lol! How come we end up with the messy jobs? We aren’t looking to move far, just need a bigger home for our family. 🙂 The Lego project has finished the sorting process, now we must push forward through the set completion stage. My son was very excited when he completed the first one, so I’m hoping he’ll help push through all of them! Thanks for stoppin by! Blessings!

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