Oct 19

Look …. Five Minute Friday



Look mommy….

Please stop and look…..

I take my mind off what I’m working on how many times a day to answer the little one asking me to “look”.

Sometimes it’s a great time for them to ask, sometimes it’s frustrating because I’m in the middle of the task….

How many times do I really enjoy looking at what they so passionately want me to see?

How many times do I rush to look just so I can say I “looked”?

The years fly by so fast….

It seems like  yesterday I was taking all the time in the world to look into their faces, the wonder of having a baby to hold and treasure…

How does that change over the years?

We long to look, gaze and enjoy our precious bundles of joy

Then as they grow up, we get busy, forgetting the joy in the looking at them

Do we think they aren’t as precious? No….

Time just seems shorter now, more things to do than when they were babies….

Soccer, Art Classes, School, Scouts, etc.

On and on the list goes…


I must take time to look….

Look at them….Look at their work…..Look at what they’re passionate about….

Look at their lives……for it is so very important to look…..

Looking takes my eyes off myself and on to the ones who really matter.

The blessings God has given me…..to teach and to train…..to raise to know and love Him above all!

Look…..they need me to look!




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  1. A Little R & R

    Wow – this is a great post. So true. I’m like that…I get focused on something and HATE to be distracted…but then I have to remember to get my priorities straight…and they are my #1 priority (next to my husband, of course). I’m learning to set other stuff aside and focus more on them..because they just grow up too darn fast! 🙂 Thanks for linking up!

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Yes, busyness keeps us from important things sometimes 🙂 Thank you for stoppin by 😉 Blessings sis!

  2. Dionne

    Oh, I was just doing that this morning…looking at how sweet and funny my 2 and 4 year old boys are…I am so guilty of stopping to look just to say I looked. Thank you for reminding me of what is more important. To really look and see. From FMF. 🙂

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Yes, it is so important! 🙂 I love to just sit and watch, right now they are better while playing together versus with me, so I get to watch a lot! Thanks for stoppin by! Blessings!

  3. denise

    Good post.

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Thank you 🙂 Blessings!

  4. Rebekah

    They are such a treasure, you would think we would just want to look so intently all the time, so we don’t miss anything!
    “they need me to look”. My thoughts on this five minutes too.

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Yes, I know right? How busy we make ourselves! Thank you for stoppin by! Blessings!

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