Oct 19

Friend Friday with Upward Not Inward

I am thrilled today to have Falen from Upward Not Inward sharing in my corner today! I love the name of her blog, what a great reminder of what we should be doing! Thanks for sharing in my corner girly!


I had a grocery store situation the other day. I was first in line at the self check-out line and there were even two people behind me. Out of nowhere, this woman passes the entire line and slides right behind a guy grabbing his receipt from the machine. My initial reaction was the bulging eyes, gaping mouth face. You know the one… Did that really just happen!?!

Then, my thoughts diverted to “Falen, look at her rushing around, it’s okay… What if you are on a hidden camera show right now?” Hahhaha. When in reality we are always starring on the reel of God. Our reactions can either be bloopers or highlights of His Spirit in our life. I have come to the decision that this walk of mine needs to end with me as a co-star to the Almighty Hero. I am not the heroine in this life of mine, so I can drop my act of lil miss perfect. Im not the villain, so I can stop letting my thought life tear me down with every failure. I’m not the star, so I can quit with the selfish entitlement.

Each day is a new day of renewed energy, fresh grace, and boundless love gifted to me. Instead of reacting like I deserve to be next in line at the self checkout, I can smile, nod, and acknowledge that when my movie plays the hero gets the glory. I don’t know if she was buying one of her father’s last meals. I don’t know if she was heading home to an unloving spouse. I don’t know if she just lost her job. I don’t know if she is dealing with a sick child. Without a fuss, I thanked God for his fruit of patience and shot up a flare prayer for her.

Which reel will the majority of your reactions play?  Which role are you best at playing?



Hi! I’m Falen, and I blog at Upward Not Inward to motivate and strengthen women to find their identity and worth in God, seek freedom from condemnation, comfort in redemption, and grow in hope of God’s promises.



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  1. A Little R & R

    Wow – great reminder here!! I have a hard time taking a step back and remembering to keep myself in check. Thanks for linking up this great post and reminding us that it’s okay to let some things slide. It’s all about GRACING one another!

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Absolutely 🙂 Blessings!

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