May 26

My Legacy….

What legacy am I leaving my children?
This question was brought on by a devotional I’m participating in 
with Good Morning Girls on Proverbs 31. 
In reading the first 2 verses of this chapter I realized for the first time,
that it was King Lemuel’s mother writing advice for her son!

I started to think, what will my children have to say or write about me?
What am I teaching them?
Am I teaching them through God’s Word or am I relying on my words and actions only?
Do they know how important a relationship with God is?
Do they know why we start our days with my devotions and prayer?

While contemplating all of these things I found a link to a wonderful tool 
while pinning on Pintrest.

The number one question I wanted to change immediately was to change how I was training my children.
I didn’t want them to think it was just my way, my rules. 
I wanted them to understand that I was teaching them God’s ways,
teaching them to obey me first and in turn that they were obeying Him too!

So God led me (without a doubt) to finding the Child Training Bible on Pintrest.
I ordered the needed supplies to “make” this tool immediately. 
Within a week I had it put together and completed! 

Since receiving and using the Child Training Bible
I have found that my children are learning God’s Word 
as we are disciplining and directing them in His ways. 
They are also discovering that most of our ways and rules,
were based on God’s Word. 

This is a small step in leaving a legacy to my children,
but one that I know is so very important.
I want them to know that I am teaching them 
God’s ways, not mine. 
They need to see that it is His Words that I am enforcing.

I pray that through this simple step they draw closer to the Lord,
and learn how to obey Him by obeying their parents. 

This is the legacy I hope to leave to my children. 
God and His Word alone.

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  1. The Every Day Extraordinary

    I just LOVE our child training Bible!!! It is helping all of us learn scripture and such a great tool! His word is probably the greatest legacy of all!!! Thanks for stopping by my Blog and leaving such encouragement:)

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