May 25

Thinking and realizing….

As I am going through a Good Morning Girls Bible Study on Proverbs 31, 
I am learning so much!

The first thing that I grabbed a hold of was that the woman in 
Proverbs 31 didn’t do all of the things listed in ONE DAY ~
She did them through her LIFETIME!
That was a very FREEING thought to me,
I had always been VERY discouraged when reading Proverbs 31.

I am thoroughly enjoying the SOAP Method of studying God’s Word as well.
I find the process very enlightening, not just reading God’s Word, 
but observing what it says and how to apply it to my life has been awesome! 

I find myself thinking much more before I say things,
and then when I do have the wrong responses the thought
“That is definitely not what a virtuous woman would have said or done” 
comes into my mind. 

I am so very thankful for what God is doing in my family’s lives and in my life. 
One day this Princess will be perfected, 
for now I’m happy to be “running” (sometimes I feel like I’m crawling LOL) 
 my race that has been placed before me! 
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  1. The Every Day Extraordinary

    I am doing this study too with my gmg group. Realizing this was accomplished over a lifetimechas been SO freeing to me also!!!!

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