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Jan 16

Love’s Memory Review

As a lover of Christian Romance novels, and a firm believe in Biblical Marriage, I often have a hard time finding a book that combines the two. Either the romance goes too far before marriage, romance alone runs the marriage, or the Bible is merely a footnote. From the moment I began reading Shannon’s book, …

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Nov 28

Cleava Review


As I’ve been growing up, I’ve noticed that women’s necklines have been going lower and lower. Modesty seems to be a thing of the past, and wearing less is the way to go. For a Christian woman, this makes shopping very difficult. Over the last 4-5 years I’ve learned and used the layer look to …

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Nov 17

Upa-lala Eco Bag Review


I love crafty and reusable bags! My mom says I have a bag fetish! LOL I came across Upa-lala, and fell in love with their super cute Eco-bags! I was sent two of their 7″x7″ snack bags to review and the prints they sent were perfect! I received a Dinosaur and Monkey snack bag, and my …

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Nov 15

Mama Cloth Wet Bag Review


Over the last few months I’ve been using a Mama Cloth Wet Bag that I was sent to review from Five-Two-Nine Baby. Their Mama Cloth Wet Bags are conveniently sized to fit neatly in your purse, at 5″x10.5″. They provide dual zippered pouches, for dry cloth as well as wet. The wet pouch is lined …

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Nov 15

Wizard Wall Review


Chalkboards were a teacher’s choice of the past, while now we enjoy the convenience and less mess from a dry erase board! Wizard Wall is an innovative, clinging dry erase board! Adhering to practically any flat surface, for 4-6 months! This amazing product allows you to use both permanent and dry erase markers! I was sent 8×11 sheets …

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Oct 09

Buried Treasure E-Book Review

I am thrilled to be part of a fellow sister/blogger’s E-book release! When I received the email from Leslie @ Simply Better, I was shocked and honored that she asked me to be part of the process! As y’all know marriage is one of the most important topics to me. Leslie’s E-book “Buried Treasure” falls …

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Sep 19

Noxicare Review

I received Noxicare and it was used to treat pinched nerves in the neck and elbow. Upon using the ointment I found it to be thick and tacky. The warnings on the ointment state to keep it away from you mouth and eyes. If you were to use this product on your hands, you must ensure …

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Sep 18

Packaways Review


As a homeschool family we have tons of books, crafts, etc. All of which need to be stored from time to time. I’ve honestly thought about buying stock in Rubbermaid. Recently I ran across a reusable plastic storage box that is COLLAPSIBLE! Packaways  are made of corrugated plastic and are extremely durable. I filled one of …

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Sep 11

Batman Costume Review

My lil brother grew up watching him. In his best movie (in my opinion), from 1966. Now he’s referred to as “The Dark Knight”. My son loves Batman, just as much as my lil bros did! He was so excited to be selected to pick and review a Batman costume of his choice! The Wholesale …

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Sep 06

1000 Days: The Ministry of Christ Book Review


1000 days…that’s all we have for Jesus’ earthly example…His ministry. Less than 3 years. He did so much…touched so many. In “1000 Days ~ The Ministry of Christ“, Jonathan Falwell takes us on a journey to explore the very things Jesus did and said. Topics ranging from ordinary people to radical love,  you will find …

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