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Relationships are a Ministry - Simply Helping Him: Marriage Experience from a Help Meet



Sep 07

Relationships are a Ministry

Relationships with My Kids Require Work

Kids have always been a part of my life. From my little brothers, to babysitting, children’s church, choir and Awana, to my own little blessings.

Something I’ve discovered about myself is that I have to work really hard in relationships with my own kids vs. someone else’s children.

I love my children immensely, yet I’ve discovered that we’re a lot alike. So this means our relationships require more work. I have to choose to build our relationships, especially when we’re butting heads, facing difficulties, etc.


Relationships with My Kids through School

Prior to starting our school year almost 3 weeks ago, God spoke to my heart that our biggest focus for this year needed to be relationship. It especially needed to be my focus. I operate best via a checklist and textbooks, while my children are in need of grace and snuggling while reading. So with God’s direction and guidance our curriculum took an overhaul. Gone are (most) of my steady textbooks, in came literature, DIY art, unit studies, etc.

Building Relationships While God Changes Me

By choosing to focus on our relationships, I am seeking to minister to my little blessing’s hearts. In offering grace, love, patience, and gentleness; I desire to point them to Christ. For it is through His strength alone that I am able to change.

My children are not the ones who I need to worry about changing. I must look at myself and determine to become more like Christ. If I am striving to become more like Him, then I will be able to minister to my children. The best way to encourage growth in our children is through the example of our lives. Our children will be able to see God at work in us, when we allow Him to change us.

Ministry in my home is the most important calling I have. My priorities are ensuring that my life points to Christ, and that my family knows our relationships come first.

How do you remained focused on ministering to your family?


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  1. Bridget Childress

    Oh I love this. My oldest and I are always butting heads. I was sitting down last night talking to my mom and suddenly it hit me. He is just like his mother. The two of us have the same personalities and stubbornness. So while praying I was reminded that in order to see changes in others I must work on myself. After all we are the only one we can control.

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Oh yes, my daughter and I have SO much in common and I have to remind myself (and my hubby does too LOL) of this. She is a mini me. LOL! We must allow God to change us in order for our children to see the changes and want to make them too. Blessings hun!

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