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Aug 10

An Organized Mom is a Semi-Sane Mom

There are so many moms out there that are able to just accomplish everything, at least it seems that way. When I became a mom, I was sure I was going to be one those… you know have great over the top birthday parties, home cooked meals every day that every one would love, have a house that could be photographed for magazines at a moments notice… you know what I’m talking about right?  Then reality hit.  And this mom gig is hard, and time consuming.  If I don’t have a plan for my day, well it’s not good!

Over the past two years I have discovered that my family is happier when there is some sort of plan or schedule in place every week. And yes that takes some time and effort on my part to figure out on a weekly basis but for the sanity of myself and my family, it is time well spent.

So what do I do? (This is my personal outline, it’s not the details, and it doesn’t always work… but it’s my starting line so to speak)

I start with a daily plan for myself – and this is a must. By creating a plan for my day I’m able to accomplish what has to get done, work on this that will need to get done, and realize what can actually wait to get done. This plan includes any appointments or playdates for my kids, as I am the one that is taking them! My plan always has my Bible reading time scheduled, with an actual time, because I need to have that cemented or it doesn’t happen. Most of the other things on my list, chores, blog work, etc., are just on the list for any time during the day.


Being a sane mommy take organization

I also keep a dinner menu going. Mostly it’s just one week at a time, but sometimes when I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll plan out the month.  I know some people have different methods that work for them, but between an extremely tight food budget (the Ramsey method) and a need to plan, I stick very close to my menu every day. Don’t get me wrong, some plans don’t happen – so my backup plan?  Pizza!

For the most part that is the end of my planning, it’s the balance I try to keep… I could plan out a ton more, and I’ve tried.  But for right now this is what works at my house, you keeping me on the edge of sanity.

And then I have a few other things that keep my family organized.

One, each room in my house that is a “playing” room (the boys bedrooms, the living room, the kitchen, the basement play area) all have specific toys that must remain in each room. And of course each area has boxes or drawers that are used as those toys homes.  In the kitchen for instance, there is a drawer that is full of play food prep toys – some wooden, some plastic… all kitchen appropriate.  The basement is home to the loudest and “roughest” toys – I have two boys, so you know there are some toys that just lend themselves to “rough” play… it’s easier on my sanity to keep those toys segregated!  Another reason for the different toys in different places is that once a kid gets bored we can simply move to a different area of the house to play with brand new toys! (Oh and it is always  must to clean up before moving on- period.)

Two, we have two clean up sessions a day (during the week, weekends are different). Before lunch my boys know that they have to clean up all the toys, so we can eat. This way during nap/quiet time I don’t have to use my personal time to pick up toys I didn’t get out.  Then we do the same clean up procedure about ten minutes before daddy gets home. I am usually finishing up dinner, and it is great to have something for my littles to do to help prepare for dinner.  I know in the future they will be helping set the table and such, but right now putting toys away is only chore they can reliably do on their own.

When I first became a mom, I scoured the internet for the schedules and plans other moms used because I was suddenly overwhelmed with everything and needed a guide. That is why I’m giving you my “outline”. However, I quickly realized that every single plan didn’t really fit my family, and slowly my own weekly plan evolved – and it works well with my family.  So if you need a starting point, go ahead and copy mine, but please realize that you know your family best, and you will be able to adapt and create a plan to organize your time in order to run your house well.

And of course, give yourself grace because that plan might just not work some days – that is fine. Maybe you will have to completely come up with a new method, maybe you will just need a “free-for-all week” but know that as you and your family grow and change, so will your plans and methods.  You are the mom, part of that means running your household daily, but each day is new – just roll with it. (I have to take my own advice often here…)

Truth to live free in while being a mom


And for those of you who are just dying for more on this topic, I’ve included some files for you use if you want to give my method a shot. Just like me on facebook and click on freebie for followers! (Right now it’s my personal plan outline, and my blog posts notes form)


The Complete Blog Planner


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  1. Mel Caldicott

    I love the balance you have here of planning and being intentional but allowing ourselves the space and grace to not be bound by our plans and suffer the guilt trip when we don’t manage all we intend. Thanks for sharing at Essential Fridays.

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Yes, planning yet realizing that things may not happen dependent on the day and circumstances is essential! Thanks for stoppin by! Blessings!

    2. Marissa

      I quickly learned that with two boys there are times when life would just have to override my desire to organized and that is alright. It’s a season, and my expectations have to be flexible.

  2. bluecottonmemory

    I agree – organization is a must – to be at least semi-sane! LOL – I am also learning it is important to learn how to let the organization expand and contract as needed. The schedule is an awesome safety net.

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Yes, our lives change so we must bend with them. How we do things must change with our lives as it is necessary. Thanks for stoppin by! Blessings!

    2. Marissa

      I’m not sure I’ll ever be 100% sane now that my life is full of watching littles – and the schedule helps as the time I have to be organized has dwindled.

  3. Kim Adams Morgan

    Having plans and options in place – always a good idea. It’s just my husband and I now, so we are able to go with the flow more. These are all great suggestions for busy Moms.


    1. simplyhelpinghim

      Yes, with an empty nest I’m sure it is a lot easier to keep things organized! 🙂 Thanks for stoppin by! Blessings!

    2. Marissa

      What a blessing to be in your stage of life – enjoy it! (I had to add that in, as everyone always tells me to enjoy the time I have with my littles) And it’s true each stage requires different standards in how we organize days.

  4. hsmominmo

    Having a plan in place makes for smoother days. When I started out on this housewifery, mothering journey, I thought things would somehow just fall into place. I did not realize there were so many choices to make and that I should be pro-active in how my day was ordered.
    It’s nice to read how others are working through this process. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Marissa

      That is so true – there are a ton of decisions we have to make on a regular basis, and often we, as moms, are just not ready to make such decisions. Being proactive where we can seems to allow for better reaction times in those moments where we simply have to react.


    2. simplyhelpinghim

      Oh yes, choosing what we must do and how we do it takes time and skill! Thanks for stoppin by! Blessings!

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