Jan 24

Faith vs. Presumption

Faith vs. Presumption

Definition:Confidence that actions rooted in good character will yield the best outcome, even when I cannot see how.

I Will….

* Expect the Best

* Make right choices based on principles of character rather than whims of circumstance

* Believe the truth and reject a lie

* Not take things for granted

* Trust those who have proven character

Week One Activities

(Practicing ~ Expecting the Best)

Teach that no matter the circumstance, you must prepare for the best outcome, and not look for the worst.

Week Two Activities

(Practicing ~ Making the right choices based on principles of character rather than whims of circumstance)

During family time, discuss recent situations that they faced. Examine character principles used in their decision, encourage where some may be lacking.

Week Three Activities

(Practicing ~ Believing the truth and rejecting a lie)

Teach when your thoughts start to wander and you being to question that which you know is true ~ GRASP God’s Word and hold tight to the truth!

Week Four Activities

(Practicing ~ Not taking things for granted)

Over dinner discuss opening your eyes to all of the gifts y’all have been given. Make a list of your gifts.


Week Five Activities 

(Practicing ~ Trusting those who have proven character)

Teach and practice keeping close those which love the Lord and are in pursuit of being more like Him.

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