Oct 18

Compassion vs. Indifference

Compassion vs. Indifference


“Investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others.” 

I Will…

* Stop to help

*Listen when others want to talk

* Give of my resources to help those in need

* Look for lasting solutions

* Comfort others without regard to race, gender, faith, age or nationality.

Week One Activities 

(Practicing ~ Stop to help)

Teach family to look for ways to help each family member….

Examples: Mom needs help cook/clean, Dad needs help with yard work, trash duty, Siblings need help dressing, clean up time, etc.


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Week Two Activities  

(Practicing ~ Listen when others talk)

Practice stopping your activity to give full attention ~ show that what they’re saying matters (encourages attentiveness)


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Week Three Activities 

(Practicing ~ Give of my resources to others in need)

Show that you can help no matter what age you are

Example: Extra shoes, clothes, shoes, etc. are probably laying around, locate a coat/boot drive and contribute

Week Four Activities

(Practicing ~ Look for lasting solutions)

Encourage your family to always be on the lookout to show compassion.

Our greatest example is Jesus, He provided/provides lasting solutions.

Always being available to those in need, no matter how many times they need you, is a lasting solution.

Week Five Activities

(Practicing ~ Comfort others without regard to race, gender, faith, age or nationality)

Comfort can be given to any and all ~ compassion is needed by everyone.

Someday it will be you, teach this to your family.

If you are available to show compassion to others, others are more likely to be available to you when you are in need.


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  1. Sylvia R

    It is so good to be aiming toward defeating indifference with compassion. I once read/ heard someone say that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. God bless!

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