Aug 18

Simple Saturday

Another rainy day here today…..I love days like this, it makes you slow down and enjoy a quiet day. Quiet days mean quality time with those closest to you. Those that need you and sometimes get less attention during the week.


The rain brings a coolness to the day as well, which is a nice change vs. the heat we’ve had here this week. I love the heat, but the children are a bit cranky and without central air to relax in at night, the heat is very different than what I grew up with.



Have a simply wonderful day with those closest to you! Hold them tight and love them with your words and actions today!



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  1. Joanne Norton

    I was so excited today! Driving back to Omaha from Kansas City and about the time I hit southern Iowa, it began raining. Bouncing off my windows. Splashing on the road. After all these weeks of dryness it was worth a great rejoicing time. Even being splashed on by semis passing me or me following them; instead of being annoyed, I was so, SO happy. HALLELUJAH!!

    1. simplyhelpinghim

      That is such a wonderful blessing! The rain is so beautiful 🙂 Blessings!

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