Aug 07

Jonathan’s Spoons Review

Recently I came across a line of beautiful kitchen utensils! I quickly emailed the company and requested the opportunity to review a couple of their items! Today I get to share them with you!

I was actually able to “chat” with the owner/creator of these products via email! In doing so he shared his story with me, and I found out that he started his business not 15 minutes from where I live! This made me love his products even more! I love to support Made in the USA as well as local merchants!

Jonathan’s Spoons are created for a need, handcrafted with unique attention to detail! The balance of the utensil in your hand and the usefulness it proves both are key in his products!

I selected to review Jonathan’s Wide Serving Spoon and his Peanut Butter Spreader. I wanted to cover his specialty and show that he has other beautiful products as well!

The Wide Serving Spoon has a unique curved handle, which provides a balance you do not find on department store shelves. The lightness of the spoon does not affect its abilities! The depth of the spoon does not allow your food to roll out.


I love the Peanut Butter Spreader! Bread often tears especially when using natural peanut butter. This is not the case with Jonathan’s Peanut Butter Spreader! I have been able to perfectly spread peanut butter, butter and jelly AND the spreader is clean when finished! It doesn’t leave anything on itself! This truly makes my life much easier and less frustrating! If you’re daily using peanut butter, butter and/or jelly I highly recommend purchasing one of these Peanut Butter Spreaders! I know I need more than 1!

I found that it was very easy to clean Jonathan’s products, and I love that using coconut oil from time to time will bring its beauty to life!

Thank you Jonathan for providing me the opportunity to review your products!

Jonathan has also offered my readers a 5% discount on their purchases! Please be sure to use code “blogmisty” and order by August 12th to receive the discount! Thank you again Jonathan!


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