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Thanksliving - Simply Helping Him: Marriage Experience from a Help Meet


This year I have really begun looking over my life with different eyes.

With grace, with thanks, for each and every gift in each and every day.

It has truly changed my life.

I have not perfected my counting, with grace I am continuing to count more each day.

I share these to encourage you to make each and every day count, each and every gift in your days.

How thankful I am for Ann Voskamp and her passion through her book, “One Thousand Gifts“.



  1. My Savior
  2. My life
  3. My curly headed peanut
  4. Unexpected wonderful text messages
  5. Quiet mommy night time
  6. Crisp fall air
  7. Help from my hubby n kiddos unloading groceries
  8. Grocery bill under budget
  9. My lil blessings and I having a movie night
  10. God’s voice spoken to my heart
  11. Smiles and cuddles during reading time
  12. A husband that I don’t have to wonder what he’s thinking
  13. My car with it’s heater
  14. Blog posts that promote Biblical training vs. spanking. Helps me in my situation.
  15. Yummy pumpkin marshmallow creme whoopie pies
  16. Coolness of the morning
  17. Hooting of an owl
  18. Sunlight falling on leaves
  19. Different shades of green
  20. Sunlight falling on the kitchen floor
  21. Music on A Holy Experience
  22. Laughter from the lips of my babies
  23. Tire swings
  24. A writer’s heart in my peanut
  25. The passion peanut has
  26. The ingenuity of boo
  27. Art of my daughter’s hand
  28. Smiles beaming from kiddo’s faces
  29. Fluffy white clouds
  30. Beautiful curls
  31. Simple excitement
  32. Rain watering my garden
  33. The sound of rain on my window panes
  34. Breakfast for dinner
  35. FaceTime chat
  36. Sleeping babies
  37. Fuzzy head on my boo
  38. Beautiful silly smiles from my peanut
  39. Aroma of homemade tortilla’s cooking
  40. Kiddos excited voices to see daddy
  41. The wind blowing through the grass
  42. First flower blooms of the summer
  43. Freshly swept floors
  44. Clean water
  45. Moonlit summer nights
  46. Sounds of little feet pattering across the floor
  47. Clutter to pick up ~ able hands
  48. Days off to recover, relax and clean
  49. Patch of grass for kids to play at the parade
  50. Learning games
  51. Listening ears
  52. Tutus and heels
  53. Dark curtains
  54. Hammock swinging on a summer day
  55. Forgiveness
  56. Tears of repentance
  57. Hubby’s return home
  58. Fried fish
  59. Tumbling dryer
  60. Silence
  61. Memories
  62. Chirping birds
  63. God’s unfailing love
  64. Pixie dust, green grass, asteroids, weeping willows & Christmas (all seen in the fireworks July 4th, 2012)
  65. Children playing well together
  66. Kiddos maturing
  67. Quiet moments with hubby
  68. Baby smiles
  69. My boo loving lil boy memories
  70. Silly stories at bedtime
  71. Dishwashers
  72. Cool grass
  73. Butterflies
  74. Quiet answers
  75. Fresh blueberries
  76. Conversations with kiddos
  77. Warm summer nights
  78. Hubby’s salty hair
  79. Hubby’s beautiful anniversary card
  80. Peanut’s call to pray alone
  81. Writing as a means to speak to peanut
  82. Beautiful long eyelashes on peanut
  83. Boos spike hair after a boat ride
  84. God’s words for blogging not mine
  85. New bread recipes
  86. Hubbys humor
  87. Peanut’s good morning eyes
  88. Curly top peanut
  89. Crispy fall season
  90. God’s grace
  91. Unexpected wonderful text messages
  92. New blogging opportunities 
  93. Warm woodstove fires started by hubby
  94. Kiddos playing nicely and quietly on a Saturday afternoon
  95. A large stack of wood to start off the fall/winter season
  96. God speaking to my heart, the focus for my life this year (Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God = expect great things in my marriage from God, attempt to love my husband as God loves!)
  97. Speaking to my kiddos from my heart
  98. Clean soft sheets
  99. God’s blessings of sleep
  100. Warm fuzzy boots
  101. Lovely chats with friends
  102. Snuggles with peanut
  103. Silly faces with boo
  104. Silly faces with peanut
  105. Babies for pray for and enjoy again
  106. A hard working hubby
  107. A friend to chat with at soccer games
  108. Dinner out with the family
  109. Movie night with the guys….even if they did make fun through most of it….
  110. Hubby n Daniel laughing together while I was in the tub
  111. Tv time with my kiddos while I’m sick
  112. Aleve working
  113. Being hungry!
  114. The fluffy feel of powdered sugar
  115. The beauty of flowers inside in the fall
  116. Sunlight pouring in my kitchen
  117. Being on my knees crying out in my heart to my Lord
  118. Peanut’s taco dance
  119. Fun pumpkin carving times with my lil blessings
  120. Full moon shining bright
  121. Breakfast in bed
  122. Kiddos playing out in the Pre-hurricane winds
  123. Kiddos reading to me at bedtime
  124. Warm house to stay safe from the storm
  125. Dinner with the family
  126. Slow time on the road with kiddos
  127. My lil blogger in training
  128. Good weather for traveling
  129. My kiddos progress with swimming
  130. Good roads for traveling
  131. Kiddos helping unload cars cheerfully
  132. Rainbow colored sky
  133. Birds in flight
  134. The beauty of a falling leaf
  135. A babe asleep in my arms
  136. Schooling my kids at home 🙂 
  137. Butterlfy kisses
  138. Kids sleeping behind a door
  139. Home waiting behind a door
  140. God’s will waiting behind a door
  141. Grace received from boo
  142. My lil Indian peanut
  143. Boos belly laugh
  144. Beauty of a fallen leaf
  145. Babe asleep in my arms
  146. Kids learning at home with me
  147. My lil ones sleeping tight in beds
  148. My home waiting for my return from vaca
  149. God’s gift behind each door we follow Him through
  150. Silent mornings
  151. Silent prayers
  152. Silent thoughts
  153. Golden rays of sunshine
  154. Golden streets God has prepared for me
  155. Golden rings that remind me of eternity
  156. Saying goodbye
  157. Parenting difficulties
  158. Living far away from family
  159. A baby’s belly laugh at phonic sounds
  160. Peanut’s laugh at Cowgirls N Angels
  161. The gentle laugh of my mother
  162. Yummy cake pops made, shared and passed on
  163. Brisk cool autumn air that is invigorating! 
  164. Autumn leaves showing their true colors
  165. Autumn promises of new life to come again
  166. Friends and family gathering and fellowshipping
  167. Decorating Thanksgiving weekend for Christmas
  168. New Thanksliving tree tradition
  169. My lil blessings
  170. My nephew
  171. My Godly parents
  172. Sugar in the cabinet night before Thanksgiving 🙂 saved me a trip to the grocery store
  173. My husband…..God knew I needed him though for a long time I didn’t understand)  
  174. Friends who’ve become family
  175. Laughter from my lips
  176. Slowed down pace of life
  177. Freedom in Christ
  178. Eternity in Christ
  179. Stubborn love from Christ
  180. Cooking all day for a 20 min. family meal
  181. Washing laundry again and again
  182. Watching a friends kiddo so she could have a quiet afternoon
  183. 10 min Cat Naps
  184. 30 min. Workouts
  185. 4 Empty totes = less clutter
  186. Stretch marks from my blessings
  187. Fine lines revealing a life full of laughter
  188. Rough hands that show I am able to work
  189. Gifts lost that are found
  190. Girl time shopping with my peanut
  191. Energy to get my home clean and  ready for the week
  192. Preparing our hearts for Christmas through Advent
  193. Preparing to have a peaceful month off from school
  194. Preparing gifts to be given 
  195. Clean hair scent
  196. Hugs from my blessings before bed
  197. Twinkling Christmas lights that look like stars
  198. A picture drawn by my peanut for me
  199. Reading cuddle time with my blessings
  200. A bright orange sunrise
  201. Neighbors willing to open hands and receive gifts on Thanksgiving
  202. Community of believers counting our days full of gifts
  203. Community of friends following God’s word throughout the world via FB
  204. Tiny snowflakes on my porch and railings this morning 
  205. Wisdom to say no to a big opportunity
  206. I’m writing the book God asked of me. Even if no one ever reads it.
  207. Silly bedtime fun with my blessings
  208. My Savior’s blood shed for me
  209. My heart
  210. Red eyes from tears
  211. Independence in my hubby
  212. Difficulties in parenting
  213. Beauty found in Christ alone
  214. Late night ice cream trips
  215. Books in the mail on the day they’re needed
  216. My blessings….may I never take them for granted
  217. My scouts….may I help, guide and be there for them
  218. Snowflakes falling from the sky
  219. Myself spotless white from my Savior
  220. White candle for Advent waiting for Christmas Day
  221. Advent Candle #1
  222. Christmas lights resembling that starry night
  223. My kiddos bright smiles
  224. My piano
  225. My violin
  226. My messiness ~ for out of it God will bring beauty
  227. My hubby’s shining face when smiling
  228. My eyes when tears of joy stream down my face
  229. My children’s eyes when looking into twinkling lights
  230. Memaw’s silver hair
  231. Silver spoons from my daddy’s and lil brother’s travels
  232. Silver heels from my boo
  233. My new camera
  234. Quiet drives to cool off 
  235. The love of my lil blessings
  236. Gentle Spirit urging to give more
  237. Time alone with my boo
  238. Long chats with old friends
  239. Sweet cheeks on a babe
  240. Sweet coffee to start the day
  241. Sweet gifts all around
  242. A quiet n peaceful bedtime
  243. Awana program
  244. A brother’s selflessness
  245. Peanut’s passion for Awana renewed
  246. Boo’s acceptance that working hard is worth it
  247. Life anew from my Savior
  248. Forgiveness from my Savior
  249. Grace from my Savior
  250. Ornament hung and given from Pastor
  251. A book held given from Pastor
  252. Message spoken with passion by Pastor at the leadership banquet
  253. Chatting with friends while kiddos played
  254. New hot tea and teapot from mom
  255. Time to set up my blog for the week
  256. Learning how to love a slow life schedule
  257. My hubby’s love for me
  258. Food to fill my belly full
  259. Lessons from Jesus
  260. Art unframed from my lil blessings hands
  261. Raindrops art unframed
  262. Tears art unframed
  263. Icy cold hands and toes while watching my kiddos play soccer
  264. Icy cold sweet tea reminding me of home
  265. Icy cold winters allowing time for reflection and change
  266. My hubby’s breath as he sleeps next to me
  267. My Savior’s blood shed for me
  268. My comforter that warms my body
  269. Berries on my advent candle urging me to slow down and count my moments
  270. God’s gentle nudging and quiet whisper
  271. Alone time to get errands accomplished
  272. Extra $ in account for a ministry God laid on my heart
  273. Time to teaching boo about opening eyes wide to see the gifts
  274. Boo asking for a notebook to record his gifts!!!
  275. Peanut writing devotionals to read to the family
  276. Coloring time with my peanut
  277. Long naps for the babe so alone time with peanut could happen
  278. New brain for my washer coming
  279. His stripes by which we were healed
  280. Striped fuzzy socks
  281. Striped candy telling Jesus’ story
  282. My golden ring from my daddy
  283. Pine trees
  284. My lil blessings bent low in prayer for hurting families
  285. Hand stamped Christmas cards
  286. Stamped Bible from Pepaw
  287. Old stamped letters from my daddy
  288. My marriage saved by God’s grace
  289. My new love of winter
  290. American girl doll gifted to my peanut
  291. Beauty of a babe formed in my womb
  292. My Savior’s love for me
  293. Forgiveness from my hubby
  294. Small fingerprints on ornaments
  295. Small raindrops filling the skating pond (now for it to freeze please!)
  296. Small homemade birthday gifts that mean the world to this mommy!
  297. Frosted Christmas cookies
  298. Frosty windows reminding me of the warmth inside my home
  299. Extra days off to do nothing
  300. Quiet still birthdays
  301. The heavenly host of angels proclaiming the coming of our Savior
  302. Angelic voices singing of our coming King
  303. Angelic songs about coming to our home in heaven above
  304. Wood stove burning brightly in my living room
  305. Child’s face lit when hugged n loved
  306. Candle lit to bring Christmas scents to our home
  307. A birthday that wasn’t full of depression
  308. A wall of fear/vulnerability overcome by peace from God
  309. A small humble home filled with Christ’s love and friends building relationships
  310. Hubby taking boo shopping alone
  311. A peanut sleeping only with me because she feels icky 🙁
  312. Alone time with boo with my arm around him in public
  313. A painting with stars reminding us of God’s promises shining like stars in the darkest of night
  314. Stars painted by my boo’s hands
  315. Stars in the Christmas story books we read reminding of the “Jesus star” so long ago
  316. An imperfect perfect Christmas
  317. My hearts desire for a different CHRISTmas
  318. A small home full of warmth and love
  319. Shepherds coming in haste to see Christ
  320. Mary’s ponderings
  321. Joseph and Mary’s marveling though they knew Jesus was God’s Son
  322. Unfailing grace
  323. Unending mercy
  324. Stubborn love
  325. Game time with my blessings
  326. Dinner time with my blessings
  327. Fellow sisters with similar like passions
  328. Energy to complete projects that need to be done
  329. Peace in counting when feeling down
  330. Time with my children when they’re ill
  331. Memories of a changed heart for Christmas 2012
  332. Friends lingering at my home
  333. Hubby lingering around the house just a bit longer for my sake
  334. My lingering Savior always near, never far
  335. A new day of hope
  336. A new year of hope
  337. A new eternal life coming for me someday
  338. My birthday remembered by my lil brothers
  339. My childhood family memories
  340. Memories of my lil blessings being first laid on me
  341. A fulfilling year anticipated
  342. A “new” marriage relationship anticipated
  343. A new family focus anticipated


  1. A new year with new beginnings
  2. A dream coming true by God’s hand alone
  3. God’s words to my pen to others hearts
  4. My children’ts laughter while eating icicles
  5. Piano keys tinkering
  6. My hubby’s truck pulling in the driveway
  7. Snow insulating our house
  8. My lil blessings
  9. Provisions from my Heavenly Father
  10. Big dreams
  11. Small gifts with big words
  12. Imperfection
  13. Spontaneous worship
  14. My wise grandmothers
  15. Butterfly pocket tokens
  16. My eyes for with them I see the gifts God gives
  17. My children’s prayers
  18. The sound of blades upon the ice….oh the anticipation
  19. My stepsons ok answer when asked to grab something at the store
  20. My entire family loving dinner
  21. No more perfect mom’s book
  22. Making plans for hubby’s birthday
  23. My children relaxing on a quiet winter morning
  24. Being a yes mom
  25. Opening day on the ice
  26. Teaching peanut to skate better
  27. A birthday gift from a friend
  28. Soy creamer that allows me to enjoy coffee
  29. A new ebook title and subject
  30. Children loving breakfast this am
  31. Hubby visiting with me last night
  32. Mom telling me what dad needed/wanted for his bday
  33. The dusky light of a sunset
  34. The surprising reflection of tree branches on the snow
  35. Lovely shadows of the moon beams on the ice
  36. Devotionals that speak directly to my aching heart
  37. Making the choice to spend quality time with my lil blessings this year
  38. Unexpected play dates for my kiddos
  39. Holding my peanut while heartbroken tears fell down her face
  40. Totes of school textbooks that my mother saved for my homeschooling days
  41. My family at the dinner table all together
  42. A caring Pastor
  43. Peanut only having a concussion
  44. Vacations scheduled
  45. Quiet night with hot tea and a good book
  46. Difficulties that make me stronger in Christ
  47. Burning eyes that tell me it’s time to accept the blessing of sleep God has for me
  48. A sour attitude to teach and train to right
  49. My peanuts sweet voice when asking for forgiveness
  50. Just right cuddling up with kiddos reading before bedtime
  51. Sunrise, the promise of a new day
  52. Daffodils, the promise of new life
  53. Sunset, the promise of blessed sleep coming our way
  54. A gift above, the roof over my head
  55. A gift below, my husband downstairs on the couch
  56. A gift beside, my pillows waiting for me to rest my head in blessed sleep
  57. I am learning to look to Him in ALL things
  58. I am “diving in” though the water’s deep
  59. I am a mother to two lil blessings
  60. A quiet voice when everything in me wants to raise it
  61. The opportunity to be an imperfect mother to 2 babes that He created within me
  62. That He loved me enough to life His hands off His Son to become a sacrifice that I might have life
  63. Rings that unite hubby and I
  64. Gifts given away ~ 1000 Gifts  (x5)
  65. Time with a dear friend over lunch
  66. My boo’s heartfelt honest prayer
  67. My hubby’s diligent outside work in the midst of snow
  68. The falling snow on a day when I have no where to go
  69. Butterfly kisses
  70. Hubby’s prayer at the family dinner table
  71. Time cuddling with hubby
  72. In Him all things are possible
  73. Through Him I have perfect strength
  74. Because of Him I am redeemed
  75. A fulfilling life in Christ
  76. My marriage
  77. My lil blessings
  78. Snowflakes
  79. Dew drops
  80. Frost
  81. My heavenly home Jesus is preparing for me
  82. Frozen water falling from the sky tonight
  83. My grandfather’s wonderful advice
  84. A loved ones wrinkled hands
  85. A baby’s smooth skin
  86. God’s arms unfolded wrapped around me
  87. Christ’s light
  88. Christ’s acceptance
  89. Christ’s forever forgotten forgiveness
  90. Warm blankets
  91. Living life slow today
  92. Beginning to grasp that life is not an emergency
  93. Games and reading time with my kiddos
  94. The opportunity to blow dry the curls on my peanut’s head
  95. Time cooking in the kitchen with my lil blessings
  96. Hubby sleeping in bed with me
  97. My boo’s blue eyes
  98. Blue skies coming up ahead
  99. Blue dolphins from my daddy
  100. Unexpected days off
  101. Borrowed time with my lil blessings
  102. New life found in Christ
  103. My inherited blue eyes from my daddy
  104. Fingers running through hubby’s hair
  105. God refilling my love for my hubby
  106. Puzzle time with my boo
  107. Valentine card making lesson from my peanut
  108. Kiddos working diligently cleaning living room
  109. Being willing to bend when plans fall through and still have a good evening
  110. A princess sleeping in bed with me
  111. Working a puzzle with my boo
  112. Quiet time home with the family
  113. My kiddos love of reading God’s word aloud
  114. French vanilla creamer
  115. 3 new printables laminated from A Holy Experience taped to my fridge door
  116. Food with which to nourish our bodies
  117. Friends’ helpfulness
  118. Friends’ love
  119. Friends’ support
  120. My stepson’s keys on the piano
  121. Remembering to speak quietly when frustrated with the kiddos
  122. Light at the end of the tunnel
  123. Hush puppies, a blast from the past
  124. God’s amazingness shown through yet again
  125. God’s word so old, yet new each day to my heart
  126. My boo’s missionary interview on paper
  127. My best friend working out beside me
  128. My wedding photo hanging on my bedroom wall
  129. Red comforter to keep me warm
  130. Red, tear brimmed eyes in hopes of what is to come
  131. Red roses from the past that remind me of love strong and true
  132. 1st letter from our sponsored child
  133. God’s word to bring peace to my heart
  134. Peanuts reply to our sponsored child
  135. My van
  136. Hubby’s fishing boats
  137. God’s handiwork
  138. God’s gift of salvation through His beloved Son Jesus Christ
  139. God’s grace written providing grace again and again each time His word is read
  140. God’s love revealed through each word we read
  141. My head in surrender when all I feel is failure
  142. My lil blessing listening to history and geography with eyes wide
  143. My lil blessings ritual of many different kinds of kisses
  144. My church doll my mother made me when I was child
  145. A shelf my grandfather made my son when he was a baby
  146. A shawl that was made for me all the while praying for me through a difficult time in my life
  147. Baby taking a nap
  148. Playing rummy with boo
  149. Kiddos having a Godly program to attend (Awana)
  150. Upbeat spirit
  151. Kiddos going to bed beautifully….possibly due to my upbeat spirit
  152. Hubby grabbing meat and veggies before snowstorm
  153. Christ’s broken body hung on a tree
  154. An angel hubby fixed from my mom
  155. Dresses thrifted that held memories that I’ll never forget
  156. A beautiful sunrise
  157. An apology from hubby
  158. Hubby’s bday surprise wknd away
  159. Kiddos laughing playing with baby
  160. Laughter abounds when butterfly kisses are happening
  161. Laughter from scouts when I misspoke for the 4th time
  162. Cuddle time with baby “working”
  163. Time with my kiddos with textbooks all around
  164. Hubby’s safety while working when boat broke
  165. Going through a valley in my marriage again, knowing that what lies ahead is greater than I can imagine for The Lord holds it in His hand!
  166. Letting go of my past dreams of a wonderful marriage, knowing that God has me where I am for His purpose!
  167. Putting myself out there again, attempting to not have expectations
  168. Welcoming arms when arriving home from the gym
  169. Hot fire burning behind the wood stove door
  170. Hot shower to relax after a long day
  171. God’s iron strength He is for me
  172. Grasping that I am an imperfectly perfect princess of THE King
  173. My little ones arms around me
  174. Losing weight I carry around making me more healthy
  175. Finding the perfect gift for hubby for vday
  176. Happiness in my heart and on my families faces when making their favorite goodies, showing my love for them

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