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Jul 17

Joy ~ The Fruits of the Spirit in Our Homes (Series Part 2) with Wisdom Wednesday Link Up


This post has been moved to my new site launching Jan. 1st, 2014. Please visit this link to view the post in the new year.   Most often the word “joy” is addressed as a feeling, like love often is. Yet, the definition combined with God’s word reveals to me that true joy is found …

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Jul 10

Fruits of the Spirit in Our Homes (Series Part 1) with Wisdom Wednesday Link Up


This post has been moved to my new site. Which launches Jan 1st, 2014. If you would like to read it, please follow this link here after the new year……. Cultivating love in ourselves, requires lessons from Love itself, God the Father. While His love is perfect, and ours never will be, His love is …

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Apr 23

Receive A Child


It has long been a desire in my heart to be a foster family or even an adoptive family. Recently I went onto our state’s DHHS website to look for further information. While I was there I stumbled on the page of children waiting for adoption. Children in our state. Waiting. No family. All alone. …

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Apr 02

Big Things vs. Lil Things


How easily we can become entangled with the little things in life. In doing so we miss the bigger and greater, often more important things in life. I’m learning (slowly) to ignore the messy house, laundry, etc. in order to sneak in time for Legos, coloring, kisses and hugs.   I’ve been missing my devotion …

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Mar 26

Help Thou Mine Unbelief


As a parent I’ve felt lost, distraught and discouraged more times than I can count. Just when it seems we’ve overcome one area of difficulty, another comes sauntering blazing in. Yet, one area of parenting difficulty I have never dealt with is the one we find in today’s passage….. Mark 9:14-24 [bible passage="Mark 9:14-24" version= "kjv"]   …

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Mar 19

On Moments, Words and Imitation

Have you ever gotten caught up in the moment? Couldn’t believe your eyes? Didn’t know what to say, but felt you should say something? This is where we find Peter on the mount, where Jesus is transfigured and Elias and Moses joined Him. Mark 9:2-6 “And after six days Jesus taketh with him Peter, and James and …

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Mar 05

On Denial, Giving Up and Material Things


I used to be a very materialistic girl. I was not wise in how I spent money or my time. I was very selfish and not a good help meet in this area. While I have been able to turn around the time issue, and begin to be the help meet I was created to …

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Feb 26

God Must Shake His Head


I often wonder how many times God has shaken His head at me? For my lack of faith, my steps backward, etc. How many times have I failed Him? Jesus lived and walked among his disciples, performing miracles at their sides. Yet even they lacked faith, and they didn’t understand at times. How frustrating it …

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Feb 19

Little is Much….

Many of us know this story by heart, even as I was reading this I was just skimming over the verses. Jesus drew great crowds wherever He went, and they often followed Him great distances away from home. Here we find the people 3 days into their time with Jesus, and He doesn’t want to …

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Jan 29

Jesus Tosses a Crumb

How many of us are involved in a ministry that is for a specific gender, age group or place in life? I know my lil corner here is gender specific and is geared towards women that are wives and/or mothers. When we are ministering are we so set on reaching our targeted audience that we …

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