Jul 04

A Mission Minded Heart

This Help Meet Corner series is so close to my heart!!

So here’s a peek into where my heart is directed right now and looking forward into the future.

  • Recently I shared how I planned to have my children more involved in missions this year. The plans haven’t changed, but I’m already planning more for next year! :)
  • Right now I am looking for more ways to reach out…..to be a part of missions where God has me…..if the choice were up to me, we’d be selling off everything we own and off we’d go to a far off place….
  • I finally (after getting up the nerve) emailed the DHHS department in hopes of us being able to minister to the foster kids in our state. Much like T.F.I. does, but our family starting off and then seeing where God takes it.
  • I have a “big” birthday this year, and I haven’t ever looked forward to it, but it’s coming whether I like it or not. I’ve had a dream for a long time of what I wanted to do for this “big” birthday, but God recently replaced this dream.   (I’ll share this new dream in just a minute! :) )
  • Next year, along with our homeschool studies I will be adding missionary biographies & movies, English and Penmanship will both have missionary correspondence incorporated and I am looking forward to adding another child to our family via sponsorship.

So my new “birthday” dream…..

Every year for my birthday I hope to be on the mission field.

I don’t know if it will always be the same place or not, but this is my new God sized birthday wish.

This year 2013, I would LOVE to go to Croatia. I have a very dear sister blogger that I’d love to meet, and have the opportunity to minister alongside.

God’s timing isn’t always mine, so I don’t know if this dream is for right now/this year, or for a bit down the road.

BUT! I will tell you that this mission-hearted girl is VERY excited!

I’ve even gone so far as to mention becoming missionaries to my hubby! :)

Who knows right?! God does and He’s given me this passion, now I must seek Him, His will and be patient for His timing.

How do all of my dreams I’ve shared speak of my family’s missions?

I am continually learning (through both the positive and the negative), that my children learn from what I say and what I do.

My hope and prayer is that they see the mission minded heart God has given me, and that the same spark will be awakened within them.

The future of missions includes our children. What they see and learn now will greatly affect how, and if they will serve with a mission minded heart. This doesn’t mean God can’t work beyond what we do or don’t teach them, but giving them a good foundation is our responsibility as parents.


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