Nov 15

Mama Cloth Wet Bag Review

Over the last few months I’ve been using a Mama Cloth Wet Bag that I was sent to review from Five-Two-Nine Baby.

Their Mama Cloth Wet Bags are conveniently sized to fit neatly in your purse, at 5″x10.5″. They provide dual zippered pouches, for dry cloth as well as wet. The wet pouch is lined with PUL to make it water resistant.

Five-Two-Nine has adorable fabrics for you to choose from. Their wet bags are very discreet, which makes public use/visibility as non-issue.

Priced at $9/each, you can afford to get a few; for your home, purse, office, etc.

The bags are machine washable, but I have not used it in the dryer due to the plastic lining.

I have successfully used my Mama Cloth Wet Bag for 4 months; storing dry cloth in the outer pouch, and wet cloth in the inner pouch. The dry cloth and the bag remain dry, while the wet cloth waits to be laundered.

I love the snapping handle that Five-Two-Nine uses. This makes it easy to keep track of in your purse, (I snap it to my purse handle so it doesn’t get lost. You could do this also in a diaper bag). I also use the handle to hang it on the inside door knob in my bathroom.

I truly love my Mama Cloth Wet Bag; the discreet style, convenient handle, and durability are second to none !

Be sure to swing by their Facebook Page and Website to check out all of the products in their line!

Thank you Five-Two-Nine for providing me with a Mama Cloth Wet Bag to review.


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